Allied Services

The Indian Lawyer and Allied Services has been visualised  to provide complete consultancy services to a Client interested in doing  business. The idea behind the concept is that the Client should be free from the hassles of looking for individual firms that can provide consultation for legal, financial, taxation, business consultancy and risk management. The following are the Allied Services:

  1. Financial -  Financial Advisory Services are provided by our channel partners, a firm of chartered accountants that are well versed with the intricacies of the financial services market. They can help the Client to plan to bring the funds into India, do financial due diligence if there is a JV partner, guide it to repatriate profits, provide financial audit and any other services pertaining to the financial sector.
  2. Taxation - Tax advise at different levels, federal or state, can be provided to the Client in order to enable the Client to plan its business. Registration with different tax authorities, handling tax issues and providing timely tax advise can be handled by a team of financial experts.
  3. Business Consultancy - Doing business in a foreign country has several challenges. The Business Consultancy Team of The Indian Lawyer can guide the Client correctly on the operational aspects of setting up a business in India. The Business Consultants can identify the most suitable areas within the country for setting up a business .Once the Client Makes the decision, the Business Consultants can help the Client to actually set shop and begin operations with minimal teething problems. They can further assist the Client on a day to day basis at the management level.
  4. Risk Management - The Risk Management Services which we provide to our prospective Clients are built on sound technical expertise and vast experience in India, making our channel partner the preferred risk consulting firm for globally renowned Clients. All countries face major challenges in improving infrastructure capability, particularly concerning electricity and water supplies. The Indian region has the fastest-growing population rate and largest infrastructure gap with the rest of world, placing services under increasing strain.

Our Risk Management services include:

  1. Threat & Risk assessments: Analysing, evaluating and treating risks; Security audits and security reviews to assess existing security management framework, identify vulnerabilities and develop/implement mitigation measures.
  2. Security design solutions: Aimed at providing risk based pragmatic and practical security design solutions for new projects or existing infrastructures.
  3. Crisis management: Assist organizations to prepare and respond to incidents and their potential impact in terms of their business in India, etc.

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