Services For Foreigners

The Indian Lawyer specializes and has an expertise in giving complete hand holding assistance to foreign investors, companies and businessmen interested in doing business in India. The Indian Lawyer gives complete guidance on investments in India Sector wise as well as provides complete support to foreigners interested in manufacturing in India under the “Make in India” Policy.

The Clients are assisted from the entry level where the Firm can guide the Client with details about the Sector and the Government Policies. Once the Client makes a commercial decision The Indian Lawyer helps the Client to enter into India and set up its legal and operational base as per the Client’s requirement.

The Client is assisted by a professional team that is well versed in the Sector of its choice. The Team provides complete support at different levels, i.e., Legal, Financial, Taxation, Business Consultancy and Risk Management and is a one stop shop for the Client, enabling the Client to focus and concentrate on its commercial front.

The following is a Sector Wise guide for Clients who are interested in doing business in India. The Articles have been written to give the highlights of particular Sectors that have been dealt with below. The Indian Lawyer can provide information on Sectors not listed below on the request of the Client:

  1. Aerospace
  2. Automotive Industry
  3. Aviation
  4. Defence
  5. E–Commerce in India
  6. Foreign Direct Investment
  7. Food Processing
  8. Gems and Jewelry
  9. Infrastructure Sector
  10. IT & ITES
  11. Mining
  12. Oil and Gas
  13. Railways
  14. Renewable Energy
  15. Roads and Highways
  16. Smart Cities
  17. Steel Industry
  18. Telecom
  19. Water Treatment