BE it enacted by parliament as follows:--

1.Short title

:--This Act may be called the All-India Services Act, 1951.


:--In this Act, the expression "an all-India Service' means the service known as the Indian Administrative Service or the service known as the Indian Police Service.

3.Regulation of recruitment and conditions of service

:--(1) The Central Government may, after consultation with the Governments of the States concerned, make rules for the regulation of recruitment and the conditions of service of persons appointed, to an all-India Service.

(2) All rules made under this section shall be laid for not less than fourteen days before Parliament as soon as possible after they are made, and shall be subject to such modifications, whether by way of repeal or amendment, as parliament may make on a motion made during the session in which they are so laid.

4.Continuance of existing rules

:--All rules in force immediately before the commencement of this Act, and applicable to an all-India Service shall continue to be in force and shall be deemed to be rules made under this Act.