ACT NO.1 OF 1903

[AS ON 1957]


{This Act has been declared to be in force in—

the Sonthal Parganas, by notification under s.3 (3) of the Sonthal Paraganas Settlement Regulation (3 of 1872), see Calcutta Gazette, 1904, Pt.I, p.227;

                the Khondmals District, by the Khondmals Laws Regulation, 1936 (4 of 1936), s.3 and Sch.; and

                the Angul District, by the Angul Laws Regulation, 1936 (5 of 1936), s.3 and Sch.

                Repealed in part in West Bengal by West Bengal Act 7 of 1948.}


     An Act to facilitate the citation of certain enactments {Ins. by Act 10 of 1914, s.2 and Sch. I.} [and] to amend certain enactments {The words and to repeal certain other enactments rep. by s.3 and Sch. II, ibid.}.


[6th March, 1903.]


1.Short title

2.Citation of certain enactments






     WHEREAS it is expedient to facilitate the citation of the enactments specified in the first Schedule to this Act ;


     AND WHEREAS it is also expedient that certain formal amendments should be made in the enactments specified in the second Schedule to this Act ;


     {The third paragraph of the preamble s.3 and Sch.II, ibid.}                    


     It is hereby enacted as follows:—



1.Short title

.-  This Act may be called the {The words "Repealing and" s.3 and Sch.II, ibid.} Amending Act, 1903.



2.Citation of certain enactments

.-  Each of the enactment's described in the first three columns of  the first Schedule may, without prejudice to any other mode of  citation, be cited for all purposes by the short title mentioned in that behalf in the fourth column thereof.



[Amendment of certain enactments.] the Repealing Act, 1938 (1 of 1938), s.2 and Sch.



[Repeal of certain enactments.] the Repealing and Amending Act, 1914 (10 of 1914), s.3 and Sch.II.



[Savings.] s.3 and Sch.II, ibid.




(See Section 2.)

   1                     2                                                     3                                                                         4

Year                No.                                    Title or subject                                                     Short title



Part I.—Regulations of the Bengal Code


1793          XIX             A Regulation for re-enacting, with modifications,          The Bengal Revenue-free  

                                      the rules passed by the Governor-General in                  Lands (Non-Badshahi        

                                      Council on the 1st December, 1790, for trying the          Grants) Regulation, 1793.   

                                      validity of the titles of persons holding, or claiming                                                     

                                      a right to hold, lands exempted from the payment of                                                    

                                      revenue to Government, under grants not being of                                                      

                                      the description of those termed badshahi or royal;                                                      

                                      and for determining the amount of the annual                                                               

                                      assessment to be imposed on lands so held which                                                      

                                      may be adjudged or become liable to the payment                                                       

                                      of public revenue.                                                                                                               


1793          XXXVII      A Regulation for re-enacting, with modifications,          The Bengal Revenue          

                                      the rules passed on the 23rd April, 1788, and                 free Lands (Badshahi         

                                      subsequent dates, for trying the validity of the             Grants) Regulation,             

                                      titles of persons holding or claiming a right to hold      1793.                                      

                                      Altamgha, jagir and other lands exempt from the                                                          

                                      payment of public revenue, under grants termed                                                          

                                      badshahi or royal; and for determining when                                                                

                                      certain grants of that description shall be                                                                      

                                      considered to have expired; and for fixing the                                                               

                                      amount of the public revenue to be assessed upon                                                     

                                      the lands the grants for which may expire or be                                                            

                                      adjudged invalid.                                                                                                                


1794          III                A Regulation for prescribing the process by which      The Bengal Native              

                                      Tahsildars are to demand payment of arrears; and        revenue-officers                  

                                      for enabling the Collectors to recover from Native        Regulation, 1794.                 

                                      officers employed under them public money or                                                             

                                      papers which they may embezzle or retain.                                                                     


1795          I                   A Regulation for fixing in perpetuity the revenue          The Benares Permanent     

                                      assessed on the lands in the Province of Benares;        Settlement Regulation,       

                                      for the more general restoration of the ancient               1795.                                      



                                      XLIV, 1793, and sections 3 and 4, Regulation L,             Regulation, 1812.                 

                                      1795, and enacting other rules in lieu thereof.                                                                


1814          XXIX          A Regulation for the settlement of certain mahals         The Bengal Ghatwali          

                                      in the district of Birbhum, usually denominated the      Lands Regulation, 1816.     

                                      Ghatwali mahals.                                                                                                                 


1816          V                 A Regulation for establishing the office of                     The Bengal Kanungos       

                                      Kanungo in the district of Cuttack, the pargana of        Regulation, 1816.                 

                                      Pataspur, and the several parganas dependent on it.                                                   


{The entry relating to the Sundarbans Regulation, 1816 (Ben. Reg. 9 of 1816) rep. by the Sundarbans Act, 1905 (Ben. 1 of 1905).}


1817          XII              A Regulation for securing the better administration      The Bengal Patwaris           

                                      of the office of Patwari in the Ceded and                         Regulation, 1816.                 

                                      Conquered Provinces, the Provinces of Behar and                                                       

                                      Benares, the district of Cuttack, the pargana of                                                             

                                      Pataspur and its dependencies.                                                                                        


1817          XX              A Regulation for reducing into one Regulation,             The Bengal Police               

                                      with amendments and modifications, the several           Regulation, 1817.                 

                                      rules which have been passed for the guidance of                                                       

                                      daroghas and other subordinate officers of police.                                                      


1819          I                   A Regulation for re-establishing Kanungos and            The Bengal Kanungos       

                                      reforming the office of Patwari throughout the               and Patwaris                        

                                      Province of Bengal; and for explaining and                     Regulation, 1819.                 

                                      modifying certain parts of Regulation XII, 1817.                                                           


1819          II                 A Regulation for modifying the provisions                     The Bengal Land                 

                                      contained in the existing Regulations regarding the      revenue Assessment          

                                      resumption of the revenue of lands held free of             (Resumed Lands)                

                                      assessment under illegal or invalid tenures and for       Regulation, 1819.                 

                                      defining the right of Government to the revenue of                                                      

                                      lands not included within the limits of estates for                                                         

                                      which a settlement has been made.                                                                                  


1821          IV                A Regulation for explaining the duties of an                   The Bengal Land                 

                                      Assistant Collector of Revenue, and for defining          revenue (Assistant             

                                      the duties and powers vested in Assistant                     Collectors) Regulation,      

                                      Collectors or other officers appointed to the charge     1821.                                      

                                      of the revenues of parganas or other local                                                                     

                                      divisions, or employed in the performance of any                                                        

                                      portion of the functions ordinarily belonging to the                                                    

                                      Collectors of Land-revenue.                                                                                              


{The entry relating to the Bengal Board of Revenue Regulation, 1822 (Ben. Reg. 3 of 1822) rep. by the Bengal Board of Revenue Act, 1913 (2 of 1913), in Bengal, and by the B. and O. Board of Revenue Act, 1913 (1 of 1913), in the States of Bihar and Orissa.}


1822          VII               A Regulation for declaring the principles                        The Bengal Land                 

                                      according to which the settlement of the land                revenue Settlement             

                                      revenue in the Ceded and Conquered Provinces,          Regulation, 1822.                 

                                      including Cuttack, Pataspur and its dependencies,                                                      

                                      is to be hereafter made, and the powers and duties                                                      

                                      belonging to Collectors or other officers employed                                                      

                                      in making, revising or superintending settlements;                                                      

                                      for defining, settling and recording the rights and                                                        

                                      obligations of various classes and persons                                                                   

                                      possessing an interest in the land, or in the rent or                                                      

                                      produce thereof; and for vesting the Revenue                                                              

                                      authorities with judicial cognizance in certain                                                               

                                      cases of suits and claims relating to land, the rent                                                        

                                      and produce of land.                                                                                                          


1822          XI                A Regulation for declaring Government not to be         The Bengal Government    

                                      liable for any errors or irregularities in the                       Indemnity Regulation,        

                                      proceedings of the Courts of Justice; and for                 1822.                                      

                                      making further provision for the conduct of the                                                            

                                      Revenue-officers in certain cases.                                                                                   


1823          VI                A Regulation for authorizing the institution of               The Bengal Indigo              

                                      summary suits to enforce the execution of certain         Contracts Regulation,        

                                      written engagements for the cultivation and                   1923.                                      

                                      delivery of the indigo-plant, and for declaring                                                               

                                      certain principles in regard to the same.                                                                          


1825          IX                A Regulation for extending the operation of                   The Bengal Land                 

                                      Regulation VII, 1822; for authorizing the                         revenue Settlement             

                                      Revenue-authorities to let in farm estates under            Regulation, 1825.                 

                                      temporary leases, on the default of the malguzars,                                                       

                                      or to hold the same khas for a term of years; for                                                           

                                      modifying and adding to the rules contained in                                                            

                                      Regulation II, 1819; and for making certain other                                                          

                                      amendments in the existing Regulations.                                                                        


1825          XIII             A Regulation to maintain the settlement made for         The Bengal Land                 

                                      certain lands held exempt from the payment of               revenue Settlement             

                                      revenue by Kanungos in the Province of Behar;           (Resumed Kanungos          

                                      and to provide for the future settlement of such            and Revenue-free lands)    

                                      lands, as well as of the lands composing other              Regulation, 1825.                 

                                      resumed lakhiraj tenures, with the present                                                                     

                                      occupants when so directed by Government.                                                                


1825          XIV             A Regulation to declare the extent of the authority       The Bengal Revenue          

                                      possessed by the Revenue-authorities, subordinate    free Lands Regulation,       

                                      to the Governor General in Council, in the                       1825.                                      

                                      confirmation of lakhiraj tenures; to define the                                                               

                                      principles to be followed in determining on the                                                             

                                      force and validity of grants made by persons                                                                

                                      exercising authority in different quarters                                                                        

                                      previously to the acquisition of the country by the                                                     

                                      British Government; and to provide for the due                                                            

                                      application of the general laws and regulations                                                            

                                      respecting lands held free of assessment to the                                                            

                                      territory ceded by Govind Rao to the British                                                                 

                                      Government, and annexed to the Zila of                                                                         

                                      Bundelkhand, under the provisions of Regulation                                                       

                                      II, 1818.                                                                                                                                 


1828          III                A Regulation for the appointment of Special                  The Bengal Land                 

                                      Commissioners for the more speedy hearing and           revenue, Assessment         

                                      determination of appeals from the decisions of the       (Resumed Lands)                

                                      Revenue-authorities in regard to lands or rents             Regulation, 1828.                 

                                      occupied or collected by individuals, without                                                               

                                      payment of the revenue demandable by                                                                         

                                      Government under the general law of the country;                                                       

                                      and for otherwise more effectually securing the                                                            

                                      realization of the public dues.                                                                                           


1828          IV                A Regulation to declare and extend the powers to        The Bengal Land                 

                                      be exercised by Collectors when making or                     revenue Settlement             

                                      revising settlements under the provisions of                  Regulation, 1828.                 

                                      Regulation VII, 1822.                                                                                                          


1828          VII               A Regulation for amending the provisions of                 The Benares Family            

                                      Regulation XV, 1795, and for defining the                       Domains Regulation,          

                                      authority of the Raja of Benares in the Mahals              1828.                                      

                                      therein referred to.                                                                                                              


1829          I                   A Regulation for constituting Commissioners of           The Bengal Revenue          

                                      Revenue and Circuit; for establishing a Sadar                Commissioners                    

                                      Board of Revenue; for modifying the constitution        Regulation, 1829.                 

                                      of the Provincial Courts; for transferring to the                                                             

                                      said Commissioners the functions now exercised                                                         

                                      by the Superintendents of Police and those of the                                                       

                                      mufassal special Commissioners acting under the                                                        

                                      provisions of Regulation I, 1821; and otherwise for                                                     

                                      providing for the better administration of Civil and                                                      

                                      Criminal Justice.                                                                                                                  


1830          V                 A Regulation relating to the cultivation and                   The Bengal Indigo              

                                      delivery of Indigo-plan.                                                      Contracts Regulation,        



1833          IX                A Regulation to modify certain portions of                     The Bengal Land                 

                                      Regulation VII of 1822 and Regulation IV if 1828;          revenue (Settlement and    

                                      to provide for the more speedy and satisfactory            Deputy Collectors)             

                                      decision of judicial questions cognizable by                  Regulation, 1833.                 

                                      officers of revenue employed in making                                                                         

                                      settlements under the above Regulations; for                                                               

                                      enforcing the production of the village-accounts;                                                        

                                      for the more extensive employment of Native                                                                

                                      agency in the Revenue Department; and to declare                                                     

                                      the intent of section 5, Regulation VII of 1822,                                                              

                                      touching claims to malikana.                                                                                             



Part II.—Acts of the Governor General in Council


1836          X                 Indigo Contracts .            .                  .              .                 The Bengal Indigo              

                                                                                                                                      Contracts Act, 1836.           


1836          XXI             Districts              .            .                   .              .                  The Bengal Districts           

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1836.                             


1841          XII              An Act for amending the Bengal Code in regard to       The Bengal Land                 

                                      sales of land for arrears of revenue.                                  revenue Sales Act, 1841.    


1847          IX                An Act regarding the assessment of lands gained        The Bengal Alluvion          

                                      from the sea or from rivers by alluvion or                        and Diluvion Act, 1847.     

                                      dereliction within the Provinces of Bengal, Behar                                                         

                                      and Orissa.                                                                                                                           


1848          XX              An Act for better enforcing the attendance of               The Bengal                           

                                      proprietors and farmers of land before Collectors          Landholders'                        

                                      of land-revenue in the Lower Provinces of the               Attendance Act, 1848.       

                                      Bengal Presidency.                                                                                                             


1850          XXIII          An Act for securing the Land-revenue of Calcutta.       The Calcutta Land              

                                                                                                                                      revenue Act, 1850.              

{This Act has been rep. in Bengal by Ben. Act 2 of 1913, in the States of Bihar and Orissa by B. and O. Act 1 of 1913 and in Assam by Reg. 1 of 1886.}


1850         XLIV           An Act for consolidating the Board of Customs, Salt   The Bengal Board of

                                     and Opium and the Sadar Board of Revenue in the        Revenue Act, 1850.

                                     Lower Provinces of Bengal.


1855          XXXII        An Act relating to Embankments.       .       .                     The Bengal                           

                                                                                                                                      Embankment Act, 1855.      


1855          XXXVII      An Act to remove from the operation of the                   The Sonthal Parganas        

                                      General Laws and Regulations certain districts              Act, 1855.                             

                                      inhabited by Sonthals and others, and to place the                                                      

                                      same under the superintendence of an officer to be                                                     

                                      specially appointed for that purpose.                                                                              


1856          XVIII          An Act relating to the administration of the public       The Calcutta Land              

                                      revenues in the Town of Calcutta.                                    revenue Act, 1856.              


1856          XX              An Act to make better provision for the                          The Bengal Chaukidari       

                                      appointment and maintenance of Police                          Act, 1856.                             

                                      Chaukidars in Cities, Towns, Stations, Suburbs                                                            

                                      and Bazars in the Presidency of Fort William in                                                            

                                      West Bengal.                                                                                                                       


{This Act has been rep. by Ben. Act 1 of 1914.}

1856         XXII           An Act for establishing a toll on boats and timber       The Karatoya Tolls Act,

                                     passing through the Karatoya river in the district         1856.

                                     of Bogra.


1857          X                 An Act to amend Act XXXVII of 1855.                            The Sonthal Parganas        

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1857.                             


1857          XIII             An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating        The Opium Act, 1857.         

                                      to the cultivation of the poppy and the manufacture                                                   

                                      of opium in the Presidency of fort William in                                                                 



1857          XXI             An Act to make better provision for the order and        The Howrah Offences        

                                      good government of the station of Howrah.                   Act, 1857.                             


1858          XXXI          An Act to make further provision for the                        The Bengal Alluvial            

                                      settlement of land gained by alluvion in the                   Land Settlement Act,          

                                      Presidency of Fort William in Bengal.                              1858.                                      


1859          V                 An Act to empower the holders of ghatwali lands         The Bengal Ghatwali          

                                      in the district of Birbhum to grant leases extending       Lands Act, 1859.                 

                                      beyond the period of their own possession.                                                                  


1859          X                 An Act to amend the law relating to the recovery         The Bengal Rent Act,         

                                      of rent in the Presidency of Fort William in                     1859.                                      



1859          XI                An Act to improve the law relating to sales of land       The Bengal Land                 

                                      for arrears of revenue in the Lower Provinces                revenue Sales Act, 1859.    

                                      under the Bengal Presidency.                                                                                           


1859          XII              An Act to make better provision for the trial of              The Calcutta Pilots Act,     

                                      Pilots at the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal         1859.                                      

                                      for breach of duty.                                                                                                              


1867          XIX             An Act to make further provision for the                        The Darjeeling (High          

                                      administration of justice in the district of                        Court's Jurisdiction)           

                                      Darjeeling.                                                                             Act, 1867.                             


1867          XXIII          An Act for the suppression of murderous outrages      The Punjab Murderous      

                                      in certain districts of the Punjab.                                       Outrages Act, 1867.            


1871          XXII           An Act to authorize the extension of the                         The Bengal Chaukidari       

                                      Chaukidari Act to places where there is no                     (Amendment) Act,              

                                      Jamadar of Police.                                                                1871.                                      


{The entry relating to the Criminal Tribes (Amendment) Act, 1876 (7 of 1876) rep. by Act 12 of 1927, s. 2 and Sch.}


1877           IX                  An Act to revive and amend Act No. XXIII of 1867.     The Punjab Murderous

                                                                                                                             Outrages (Amendment) Act,



{The entry relating to the Punjab Laws (Amendment) Act, 1878 (12 of 1878) rep. by the Punjab Pre-emption Act, 1905 (Pun. 2 of 1905).}


1881          VII               An Act to amend Bengal Act No. IX of 1880 (the          The Bengal Cess                 

                                      Cess Act, 1880).                                                                   (Amendment No. 1)            

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1881.                             

1883          VI                An Act to give power to arrest persons whose              The Calcutta Pilots             

                                      evidence is needed under Act XII of 1859.                      (Amendment) Act,              



1884          V                 An Act to amend the Chota Nagpur Encumbered          The Chota Nagpur              

                                      Estates Act, 1876.                                                                Encumbered Estates           

                                                                                                                                      (Amendment) Act,              


1886          VIII             An Act to amend sections 12 and 13 of the Bengal       The Bengal Tenancy          

                                      Tenancy Act, 1885.                                                              (Amendment) Act,              



1895          XIX             An Act to amend the Punjab Courts Act, 1884.              The Punjab Courts              

                                                                                                                                      (Amendment) Act,              



1896          XVII            An Act to amend the Punjab Land-revenue Act,           The Punjab Land                                                            1887.                  Revenue(Amendment)

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1896.


                {Act 18 of 1896 rep. by the Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 (Pun. 3 of 1911).}

1896         XVIII          An Act to amend the Punjab Municipal Act, 1891.      The Punjab Municipal

                                                                                                                           (Amendment) Act, 1896.



Part III.—Bengal Acts.


1862          III                An Act to amend Act XI of 1859 (to improve the           The Bengal Land                 

                                      law relating to sales of land for Arrears of                       revenue Sales                      

                                      Revenue in the Lower Provinces under the Bengal       (Amendment) Act,              

                                      Presidency).                                                                          1862.                                      


1862          VI                An Act to amend Act X of 1859 (to amend the law        The Bengal Rent Act,         

                                      relating to the recovery of rent in the Presidency of      1862.                                      

                                      Fort William in Bengal).                                                                                                     


1862          VII               An Act to repeal section 30 of Regulation II, 1819         The Bengal Land                 

                                      (for modifying the provisions contained in the              revenue Resumption          

                                      existing Regulations regarding the Resumption of        Act, 1862.                             

                                      the revenue of lands held free of assessment under                                                     

                                      illegal or invalid tenures, and for defining the right                                                      

                                      of Government to the revenue of lands not                                                                    

                                      included within the limits of estates for which a                                                            

                                      settlement has been made).                                                                                               


{The entry relating to the Bengal Zamindari Dak Act, 1862 (Ben. Act 8 of 1862) rep. by Act 10 of 1914, s. 3 and Sch. II.}


{This Act has been rep. by the Bengal Smoke Nuisances Act, 1905 (Ben. Act 3 of 1905).}

1863         II                  An Act to abate and prevent nuisances arising from     The Calcutta and

                                      the smoke of furnaces in the Town and Suburbs of       Howrah Smoke

                                      Calcutta.                                                                          Nuisances Act, 1863.


1864          IV                An Act to amend Act XXI of 1836     .                   .          The Bengal Districts           

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1864.                             


1865          IV                An Act for the prohibition of the practice of                  The Bengal Prevention      

                                      inoculation in the Town and Suburbs of Calcutta          of Inoculation Act,             

                                      and in towns to which Act III of 1864, passed by          1865.                                      

                                      the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal in Council, has                                                      

                                      been or shall hereafter be extended.                                                                                


{This Act has been rep. by the Bengal Municipal Act, 1932 (Ben. Act 15 of 1932).}

1865        VII               An Act to make provision for the better regulation      The Bengal Municipal

                                     and supervision of Public slaughter-houses in the        (Slaughter-houses and

                                     Suburbs of Calcutta, and for the adoption of proper     Meat-markets) Act,

                                     Conservancy arrangements connected therewith.          1865.


1865          VIII             An Act to amend the law for the sale of such                 The Bengal Rent                 

                                      under-tenures as by the title-deeds or established        Recovery (Under                 

                                      usage of the country are transferable by sale or            tenures) Act, 1865.              

                                      otherwise for the recovery of arrears of rent due in                                                      

                                      respect thereof.                                                                                                                   


1866          II                 An Act to provide for the better regulation of the         The Calcutta Suburban      

                                      Police within the suburbs of the town of Calcutta.        Council (Witnesses)           

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1866.                             


1866          III                An Act to provide for the attendance and                      The Bengal Legislative      

                                      examination of witnesses before the Council of the       Council (Witnesses)           

                                      Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal for making Laws           Act, 1866.                             

                                      and Regulations.                                                                                                                 


1866          VII               An Act to make better provision for the acquisition     The Bengal                           

                                      of land for embankments, and other matters                   Embankment Act, 1866.      

                                      relating thereto.                                                                                                                   


1867          II                 An Act to provide for the punishment of public            The Bengal Public               

                                      gambling and the keeping of common gambling            Gambling Act, 1867.            

                                      houses in the territories subject to the Lieutenant                                                        

                                      Governor of Bengal.                                                                                                           


1867          III                An Act to amend the law relating to ships lying in        The Bengal Ports Act,        

                                      ports in the Provinces under the control of the              1867.                                      

                                      Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal.                                                                                       


1867          IV                An Act to explain and amend Act VI of 1862,                 The Bengal Rent                 

                                      passed  by the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal in          (Appeals) Act, 1867.           

                                      Council, and to give validity to certain judgments.                                                       


1868          III                An Act to amend the law respecting appeals in             The Bengal Land                 

                                      cases under Regulation VII of 1822.                                 revenue Settlement Act,    



1868          IV                An Act to amend the provisions of Act IX of 1847       The Bengal Alluvion          

                                      (an Act regarding the assessment of lands gained        (Amendment) Act,              

                                      from the sea or from rivers by alluvion or                        1868.                                      

                                      dereliction within the Provinces of Bengal, Behar                                                         

                                      and Orissa).                                                                                                                          


1868          VII               An Act to make further provision for the recovery        The Bengal Land                 

                                      of arrears of land-revenue and public demands              revenue Sales Act, 1868.    

                                      recoverable as arrears of land-revenue.                                                                          


1869          I                   An Act for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.          The Bengal Cruelty to        

                                                                                                                                      Animals Act, 1869.              


1869          III                An Act to enable Police-officers to arrest without         The Bengal Cruelty to        

                                      warrant persons guilty of cruelty to animals.                  Animals (Arrest) Act,         



1869          VII               An Act to amend the constitution of the Police             The Bengal Police Act,      

                                      force in Bengal.                                                                    1869.                                      


1871          I                   An Act to amend the Village Chaukidari Act,                 The Bengal Village              

                                      1870.                                                                                       Chaukidari Act, 1871.         


1871          II                 An Act to amend the procedure for the recovery of      The Bengal Land                 

                                      arrears of land-revenue in respect of tenures not           revenue Sales                      

                                      being estates.                                                                       (Amendment) Act,              



1873          I                   An Act to amend the Salt Act, 1864.                                The Bengal Salt Act,          



1873          II                 An Act for registering Births and Deaths.                       The Bengal Births and       

                                                                                                                                      Deaths Registration Act,   



1876          I                   An Act to provide for the voluntary Registration of     The Bengal                           

                                      Muhammadan Marriages and Divorces.                          Muhammadan                      

                                                                                                                                      Marriages and Divorces    

                                                                                                                                      Registration Act, 1876.       


1876          II                 An Act to amend Act XI of 1849, Act XXI of 1856        The Calcutta Police             

                                      and Bengal Act IV of 1866.                                                 (Amendment) Act,              



1878          V                 An Act to amend Bengal Act VII of 1876.                       The Bengal Land                 


                                                                                                                                      (Amendment) Act,              



1879          II                 An Act to amend and extend the Puri Lodging              The Puri Lodging House   

                                      house Act, 1871.                                                                  (Extension) Act, 1879.        


{The entry relating to the Bengal Steam-boilers and Prime-movers Act, 1879 (Ben. Act 3 of 1879) rep. by the Indian Boilers Act, 1923 (5 of 1923), s. 25 and Sch.}


1879          VIII             An Act to define and limit the powers of                         The Bengal Rent                 

                                      Settlement Officers.                                                             Settlement Act, 1879.          


1880          III                An Act to amend the Howrah Bridge Act, 1871.            The Howrah Bridge Act,    



1881          II                 As Act to amend the Cess Act, 1880.                               The Bengal Cess                 

                                                                                                                                      (Amendment No. 2)            

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1881.                             


1881          III                An Act to amend the Court of Wards Act, 1879.           The Bengal Court of           

                                                                                                                                      Wards (Amendment)          

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1881.                             


{Ben. Act 1 of 1883 has been rep., in Western Bengal, by the Bengal Excise Act, 1909 (Ben. Act 5 of 1909) and, in Eastern Bengal, by the Eastern Bengal and Assam Excise Act, 1910 (Eastern Bengal and Assam Act 1 of 1910).}

1883         I                   An Act to amend the Bengal Excise Act, 1878.           The Bengal Excise

                                                                                                                           (Amendment) Act, 1883.


1883          V                 An Act for the Registration and Control of Porters       The Darjeeling and             

                                      and Dandeewalas in the Darjeeling and Kurseong        Kurseong Municipal          

                                      Municipalities.                                                                      (Porters) Act, 1883.             


1884          I                   An Act further to amend Bengal Act IV of 1871.            The Puri Lodging-house    

                                                                                                                                      (Extension) Act, 1884.        


1884          II                 An Act to amend the Calcutta Tramways Act,               The Calcutta Tramways     

                                      1880.                                                                                       (Amendment) Act,              



1886          I                   An Act to further amend the Village Chaukidari             The Bengal Village              

                                      Act, 1870.                                                                              Chaukidari                            

                                                                                                                                      (Amendment) Act,              



1886          II                 An Act to amend Bengal Act II of 1866, and the            The Calcutta and                 

                                      Calcutta Police Act, 1866.                                                   Suburban Police                  

                                                                                                                                      (Amendment) Act,              



{This Act has been rep. by the Bengal Municipal act, 1932 (Ben. Act 15 of 1932).}

1886         III                An Act to amend Bengal Act III of 1884.                    The Bengal Municipal

                                                                                                                           (Amendment) Act, 1886.


1887          II                 An Act to amend Bengal Act V of 1880.                          The Bengal Vaccination     

                                                                                                                                      (Amendment) Act,              



1889          IV                An Act to provide for the appointment of a                    The Calcutta Burial             

                                      Muhammadan Burial Board in Calcutta, and to              Boards Act, 1889.                

                                      make better provision for the interment of persons                                                      

                                      other than Christians or Muhammadans.                                                                        


{This Act has been rep. by the Calcutta and Suburban Police (Superannuation Fund) Act, 1905 (Ben. Act 6 of 1905).}

1890         I                  An Act to consolidate the Calcutta and the Suburban  The Calcutta and Subur-

                                    Police Superannuation Funds.                                        Ban Police (Superannua

                                                                                                                            Tion Fund) Act, 1890.


1890          II                 An Act to amend the Bengal Vaccination Act,               The Bengal Vaccination     

                                      1880.                                                                                       (Amendment) Act,              



1892          I                   An Act to further amend the Village Chaukidari             The Bengal Village              

                                      Act, 1870.                                                                              Chaukidari                            

                                                                                                                                      (Amendment) Act,              



1894          II                 An Act to amend the Calcutta Port Act, 1890.                The Calcutta Port                

                                                                                                                                      (Amendment) Act,              



{This Act has been rep. by the Bengal Municipal Act, 1932 (Ben. Act 15 of 1932).}

1894         IV               An Act to amend the Bengal Municipal Act, 1884.      The Bengal Municipal

                                                                                                                           (Amendment) Act, 1894.


1895          II                 An Act to further amend the Suburban Police Act,       The Calcutta and                 

                                      1866, and the Calcutta Police Act, 1866.                           Suburban Police                  

                                                                                                                                      (Amendment) Act,              



1895          IV                An Act to further amend the Calcutta Port Act,             The Calcutta Port                

                                      1890.                                                                                       (Amendment No. 1)            

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1895.                             


1895          VI                An Act to further amend the Calcutta Port Act,             The Calcutta Port                

                                      1890.                                                                                       (Amendment No. 2)            

                                                                                                                                      Act, 1895.                             


{This Act has been rep. by the Bengal Municipal Act, 1932 (Ben. Act 15 of 1932).}

1896         II                 An Act to further amend the Bengal Municipal Act,    The Bengal Municipal

                                     1884.                                                                             (Amendment) Act, 1896.


{This Act has been rep. in Bengal by the Bengal Public Demands Recovery Act, 1913 (Ben. Act 3 of 1913) and in B. and O. by the B. and O.  Public Demands Recovery Act, 1914 (B and O. Act 4 of 1914).}

1897         I                   An Act to amend the Public Demands Recovery         The Bengal Public

                                      Act, 1895.                                                                     Demands Recovery

                                                                                                                           (Amendment) Act, 1897.


1899           II                    An Act to repeal the Civil Courts Amins Act,                The Bengal Civil Court

                                          1856, in Bengal.                                                                    Amins Act, 1899.



     THE SECOND SCHEDULE.—[Amendments.] Rep. by the Repealing Act, 1938 (1 of 1938), s. 2 and Sch.


     THE THIRD SCHEDULE.—[Repeals.] Rep. by the Repealing and Amending Act, 1914 (10 of 1914),

s. 3 and Sch. II.