No.16 OF 1987


[23rd May, 1987.]


An Act to provide for the abolition of the mining concessions in operation in the Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu and specified in the First and the Second Schedules, and for the declaration or such mining concessions as mining leases under the Mines and Minerals (Regulations and Development) Act, 1957, with a view to the regulation of the mines to which such concessions relate and for the development of minerals under the control of the Union and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.




1.Short title


3.Act override all other enactments, etc



4.Abolition, etc., of mining concessions

5.General effect of declaring the mining concessions to be mining leases



6.Payment of amounts to concession holders

7.Payment of further amount



8.Commissioner of payments to be appointed

9.Payment by the Central Government to the Commissioner

10.Claims to be made to the Commissioner

11.Liability of Central Government to end on payment of claim

12.Disputes to be dealt with

13.Undisbursed or unclaimed amount to be deposited to the general revenue account



14.Amendment of Act 67 of 1957


16.Offences by companies

17.Protection of action taken in good faith

18.Delegation of powers

19.Declaration as to the policy of the State

20.Power to make rules

21.Power to remove difficulties




                WHEREAS certain mining concessions have been granted in perpetuity under the former Portuguese Mining Laws (Decree of 20th day of September, 1906) in the territories now included in the Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu by the former Portuguese Government and by the Government of Goa, Daman and Diu;


                AND WHEREAS the aforesaid mining laws have ceased to be in force and doubts have been expressed as to whether such mining concessions are mining leases within the meaning of the Mines and Minerals (Regulation and Development) Act, 1957 (67 of 1957.);


AND WHEREAS it is expedient in the public interest to abolish such mining concessions and declare them as mining leases under the aforesaid Act for the purpose of making the provisions of that Act applicable to the mines to which such concessions relate with a view to the regulation of such mines and for the development of minerals under the control of the Union so as to subserve the common good;


                BE it enacted by Parliament in the Thirty-eight Year of the Republic of India as follows:--







1.Short title

.- This Act may be called the Goa, Daman and Diu Mining concessions (Abolition and Declaration as Mining Leases) Act, 1987.




.- In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,-


                                (a) "appointed day" means the 20th day of December, 1961;


                                (b) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Payments appointed under section 8;


                                (c) "concession holder" means a person who has been granted a mining concession;


(d) "date of assent" means the date on which the assent is given by the President to this Act;


                                (e) "Goa, Daman and Diu" means the Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu;


(f) "Mines and Minerals Act" means the Mines and Minerals (Regulation and Development) Act, 1957;


(g) "mining concession" means a mining concession granted under the Portuguese Colonial Mining Laws, 1906 (Decree of 20th September, 1906);


                                (h) "notification" means a notification published in the Official Gazette;


                                (I) "prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act;


(j) "specified date" means such date as the Central Government may, for the purpose of any provision of this Act, by notification, specify; and different dates may be specified for different provision of this Act;


(k) words and expressions used and not defined, but defined in the Mines Act, 1952 or the Mines and Minerals Act, shall have the meanings, respectively, assigned to them in those Acts.



3.Act override all other enactments, etc

.- The provisions of this Act shall have effect notwithstanding anything inconsistent therewith contained in any enactment (other than this Act), or any judgment, decree or order of any court, tribunal or other authority or any instrument having effect by virtue of any enactment other than this Act.







4.Abolition, etc., of mining concessions

.- (1) Every mining concession specified in the First Schedule shall, on and from the appointed day, be deemed to have been abolished, and shall, with effect from that day, be deemed to be a mining lease granted under the Mines and Minerals Act, and the provisions of that Act shall, save as otherwise provided in this Act, apply to such mining lease.


                (2) Every mining concessions specified in the Second Schedule shall, on the from the day next after the date of grant of the said concession and specified in the corresponding entry in the eight column of the said Schedule, be deemed to have been abolished, and shall, with effect from that day, be deemed to be a mining lease granted under the Mines and Minerals Act, and the provisions of that Act shall, save as otherwise provided in this Act, apply to such mining lease.


                (3) If, after the date of assent, the Central Government is satisfied, whether from any information received by it or otherwise, that there has been any error, omission or misdescription in relation to the particulars of any mining concession or the name and residence of any concession holder specified in the First or the Second Schedule, it may, by notification, correct such error, omission or misdescription, and on the issue of such notification, the First or the Second Schedule, as the case may be, shall be deemed to have been amended accordingly.



5.General effect of declaring the mining concessions to be mining leases

.- (1) Where a mining concession has been deemed to be a mining lease under section 4, the concession holder shall, on and from the day mentioned in that section, be deemed to have become the holder of such mining lease under the Mines and Minerals Act in relation to the mine to which the mining concession relates, subject to the condition that the period of such lease shall, notwithstanding anything contained in that Act, extend up to a period of six months from the date of assent.


                (2) On the expiry of the period of any mining lease under sub-section (1), it may, if so desired by the holder of such lease and on an application being made by him in accordance with the provisions of the Mines and Minerals Act and the rules made thereunder, be renewed on such terms and conditions, and up to the maximum period, for which such lease can be renewed under the provisions of that Act and the rules made thereunder.







6.Payment of amounts to concession holders

.Every concession holder specified in the second column of the First and the Schedules shall be given by the Central Government in cash, and in the manner specified in Chapter IV for the abolition of the mining concession held by him, and declaring it as a mining lease under section 4 an amount equal to the amount specified against him in the corresponding entry in the eight column of the First Schedule and the ninth column of the Second Schedule, as the  case may be.



7.Payment of further amount

.- (1) There shall also be given by the Central Government, in cash, to every concession holder specified in the second column of the First and the Second Schedules, simple interest at the rate of four per cent.per annum on the amount specified against such concession holder in the corresponding entry in the eighth column of the First Schedule and the ninth column of the Second Schedule, as the case may be, for the period commencing on the date of assent and ending on the date of payment of such amount to the Commissioner.


                (2) The amount referred to in sub-section (1) shall be in addition to the amount specified in the First Schedule or the Second Schedule, as the case may be.







8.Commissioner of payments to be appointed

.- (1) For the purpose of disbursing the amounts payable to the concession holder under this Act, the Central Government shall appoint such person as it may think fit to be the Commissioner of Payments.


                (2) The Central Government may appoint such other persons as if may think fit to assist the Commissioner and thereupon the Commissioner may authorise one or more of such persons also to exercise all or any of the powers exercisable by him under this Act and different persons may be authorised to exercise different powers.


                (3) Any person authorised by the Commissioner to exercise any of the powers exercisable by the Commissioner may exercise those powers in the same manner and with the same effect as if they have been conferred on that person directly by this Act and not by way of authorisation.


                (4) The salaries and allowances of the Commissioner and other persons appointed under this section shall be defrayed out of the Consolidated Fund of India.



9.Payment by the Central Government to the Commissioner

.- (1) The Central Government shall, within thirty days from the specified date, pay, in cash, to the Commissioner, for payment to the concession holders, a sum equal to the sum specified against the mining concessions in the First and the Second Schedules, together with the amount of interest referred to in section 7.


                (2) A deposit account shall be opened by the Central Government, in favour of the Commissioner, in the Public Account of India, and every amount paid under this Act to the Commissioner shall be deposited by him to the credit of the said deposit account and the said deposit account shall be operated by the Commissioner.


                (3) Records shall be maintained by the Commissioner in respect of each of the concession holder in relation to which payments have been made to him under this Act.


                (4) Interest accruing on the amount standing to the credit of the deposit account referred to in sub-section (2) shall endure to the benefit of the concession holders.



10.Claims to be made to the Commissioner

.- (1) Every concession holder, having a claim for the payment of the amount referred to in section 6 shall prefer such claim before the Commissioner within thirty days from the specified date:


                Provided that if the Commissioner is satisfied that the claimant was prevented by sufficient cause from preferring the claim within the said period of thirty days, he may entertain the claim within a further period of thirty days, but not thereafter.


                (2) The Commissioner shall fix a certain date on or before which every claimant shall file the proof of his claim.


                (3) Not less than fourteen days' notice of the date so fixed shall be given by advertisement in one issue of the daily newspaper in the English language and one issue of any daily newspaper in the regional language as the Commissioner may consider suitable, and every such notice shall call upon the claimant to file the proof of his claim with the Commissioner within the time specified in the advertisement.


                (4) Every claimant, who fails to file the proof of his claim within the time specified by the Commissioner, shall be excluded from the disbursement made by the Commissioner.


                (5) The Commissioner shall, after such investigation as may, in his opinion, be necessary and after giving the concession holder, a reasonable opportunity of being heard, by order in writing admit or reject the claim in whole or in part.


                (6) The Commissioner shall have the power to regulate his own procedure in all matters arising out of the discharge of his functions, including the place or places at which he will hold his sittings and shall, for the purpose of making any investigation under this Act, have the same powers as are vested in a civil court under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, (5 of 1908.) while trying a suit in respect of the following matters, namely:--


(a) the summoning and enforcing the attendance of any witness and examining him on oath;


(b) the discovery and production of any document or other material object producible as evidence;


                                (c) the reception of evidence on affidavits;


                                (d) the issuing of any commission for the examination of any witnesses.


                (7) Any investigation before the Commissioner shall be deemed to be a judicial proceeding within the meaning of section 193 and 228 of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860.) and the Commissioner shall be deemed to be a civil court for the purposes of section 195 and Chapter XXVI of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (2 of 1974.).


                (8) A claimant, who is dissatisfied with the decision of the Commissioner, may prefer an appeal against the decision to the principal civil court of original jurisdiction within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the relevant mine is situated.



11.Liability of Central Government to end on payment of claim

.- After admitting a claim under this Act, the amount due in respect of such claim shall be paid by the Commissioner to the person or persons to whom such amount is due and, on such payment, the liability of the Central Government in respect of such claim shall stand discharged.



12.Disputes to be dealt with

.- In the event of there being a doubt or dispute as to the right of a person to receive the whole or any part of the amount referred to in section 6 or section 7, the Commissioner shall refer the matter to the court for a decision, and shall make the disbursement in accordance with the decision of the court.


                Explanation.--In this section "court", in relation to a mining concession, means the principal civil court of original jurisdiction within the local limits of whose jurisdiction the mines relating to such concession is situated.



13.Undisbursed or unclaimed amount to be deposited to the general revenue account

.- Any money paid to the Commissioner which remains undisbursed or unclaimed after such payment for a period of three years shall be transferred by the Commissioner to the general revenue account of the Central Government; but a claim to any money transferred may be preferred to the Central Government by the concession holder entitled to such payment and shall be dealt with as if such transfer had not been made, the order, if any, for the payment of the claim being treated as an order for the refund of revenue.







14.Amendment of Act 67 of 1957

.- In the Mines and Minerals (Regulation and Development) Act, 1957, in sub-section (1) of section 4, after the second proviso, the following proviso shall be inserted and shall be deemed to have been inserted with effect from the 1st day of October, 1963, namely:--


                                "Provided also that nothing in this sub-section shall apply to any mining lease (whether called mining lease mining concession or by any other name) in force immediately before the commencement of this Act in the Union territory of Goa, Daman and Diu.".




.- Any person who contravenes the provisions of this Act shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years or with fine which may extend to two thousand rupees, or with both.



16.Offences by companies

.- (1) Where an offence under this Act has been committed by a company, every person who at the time the offence was committed was in charge of and was responsible to the company for the conduct of the business of the company as well as the company shall be deemed to be guilty of the offence and shall be liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly:


                Provided that nothing contained in this sub-section shall render any such person liable to any punishment, if he proves that the offence was committed without his knowledge or that he had exercised all due diligence to prevent the commission of such offence.


                (2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-section (1), where an offence under this Act has been committed by a company and it is proved that the offence has been committed with the consent or connivance of, or is attributable to any neglect on the part of any director, manager, secretary or other officer of the company such director manager secretary or other officer shall be deemed to be guilty of that offence and shall be liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly.


                Explanation.--For the purposes of this section,--


(a) "company" means any body corporate and includes a firm or other association of individuals; and


                                (b) "director", in relation to a firm, means a partner in the firm.



17.Protection of action taken in good faith

.- (1) No suit, prosecution or other legal proceeding shall lie against the Central Government or any officer or other employee of that which is in good faith done or intended to be done under this Act.


                (2) No suit or other legal proceeding shall lie against the Central Government or any officer or other employee of that Government or any person authorised by that Government for any damage caused or likely to be caused by anything which is in good faith done or intended to be done under this Act.



18.Delegation of powers

.- (1) The Central Government may, by notification, direct that all or any of the powers exercisable by it under this Act, other than the powers conferred by section 20 and 21, may also be exercised by such person or persons as may be specified in the notification.


                (2) Whenever any delegation of power is made under sub-section (1), the person to whom such power has been delegated shall act under the direction, control and supervision of the Central Government.



19.Declaration as to the policy of the State

.- It is hereby declared that this Act is for giving effect to the policy of the State towards securing the principles specified in clauses (b) and (c) of article 39 of the Constitution.


                Explanation.--In this section, "State" has the same meaning as in article 12 of the Constitution.



20.Power to make rules

.- (1) The Central Government may, by notification, make rules to carry out the provisions of this Act.


                (2) Every rule made by the Central Government under this Act shall be laid, as soon as may be after it is made, before each House of Parliament, while it is in session, for a total period of thirty days which may be comprised in one session or in two or more successive sessions, and if, before the expiry of the session immediately following the session or the successive sessions aforesaid, both Houses agree in making any modification in the rule or both Houses agree that the rule should not be made, the rule shall thereafter have effect only in such modified form or be of no effect, as the case may be; so, however, that any such modification or annulment shall be without prejudice to the validity of anything previously done under that rule.



21.Power to remove difficulties

.- If any difficulty arises in giving effect to the provisions of this Act, the Central Government may, by order, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, remove the difficulty:


                Provided that no such order shall be made after the expiry of a period of two years from the date of assent.




.- (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force or any judgment, decree or order of any court, tribunal or other authority,--


                                (a) every concession holder shall, for the period commencing on and from the date when his mining concession had been declared to be a mining lease and ending with the date of expiry of the period of his lease under the provisions of this Act (hereafter in this section referred to as the said period), be liable to pay the dead rent or, as the case may be, royalty, due in respect of such lease under the provisions of the Mines and Minerals Act and the rules made thereunder, and such amount shall, save as otherwise provided in this section, be recoverable from him;


                                (b) any amount paid by the concession holder for the said period, either as a fixed tax or as a proportional tax, or both, or as a royalty under protest shall be deemed to have been dead rent or, as the case may be, royalty, paid in accordance with law and such amounts shall not be liable to be refunded; and


                                (c) due credit of all such amounts paid by a concession holder under clause (b) shall be given to him in determining the dead rent or, as the case may be, royalty payable by him under clause (a),


as if this Act and the Mines and Minerals Act and the rules made there-under had been in force at all material times, and accordingly--


                                (I) no suit or other proceeding shall be instituted, maintained or continued in any court or other authority against the Government or any person or authority whatsoever for the refund of any amounts paid by a concession holder under clause (b); and


                                (ii) no court shall enforce any decree or order directing the refund of any amounts so paid,


on the ground that the mining concession is not a mining lease.


                (2) For the removal of doubts, it is hereby declared that nothing in sub-section (1) shall be construed as preventing any person,--


                                (a) from questioning, in accordance with the provisions of the Mines and Minerals Act and the rules made thereunder, the assessment of any dead rent or royalty for the said period; or


                                (b) from claiming refund of any dead rent or royalty paid by him in excess of the amount due from him under the Mines and Minerals Act and the rules made thereunder.




[See sections 4(1), 6, 7 and 9(1)]





Sl             Name of the               Denomination       Nature        Situation                    Nature and            Amount 

No.          concession                of the mine                           -----------------                 date of title        (in Rs.)

                holder and                                                                 Village    Taluka

                his residence


 1             2                                              3                       4                     5              6                    7                            8



1.Maria Severia                     Anvalitembo           Fe/         Vadeam       Sanguem          2 of 30-1-1929        14,300

                Fernandes ora                                         Mang

                Camilo Agostinho

                Elis Fernandes,

                of Aldona



2.Domingos Jose                  Paicatembo             Ditto      Netrolim        Ditto                1 of 26-8-1931        13,900

    Fernandes, of



3.Naria Alice         Aili                           Ditto      Sancordem    Ditto               1 of 4-4-1937          14,300

    Sodder Pereira,                 Vagurbem      

    of Vasco da Gama.


4.Timblo Irmaos                    Bandodongor

    Ltda, of Margao.              Cumbiadongor       Ditto      Verlem          Ditto                 1 of 19-3-1941          9,300


5.Xeo Abdul Kadat,

    of Sanguem.      Cudoitembo          Ditto       Bati                Ditto                3 of 19-3-1941          7,900


6.Maria Seani

    Rephael, of

    Curchorem.        Amvandongor      Ditto       Curpem        Ditto                 5 of 19-3-1941     12,500


7.Maria Seani       Nidulamoll

    Rephael, of       ongor                     Iron         Calem          Ditto                  6 of 19-3-1941     11,900


8.Empresa Minero                Choriacho                               Bimbol

    Comercila, of                     tembo dongor       Ditto       of Calem      Ditto                  7 of 19-3-1941        13,900




9.Gangadhar N.     Huldool

    Agrawal, of                       dongor                   Ditto         Ditto          Ditto                 8 of 19-3-1941     14,300



10.Companhia                        Mollo or                 Fe/Mang  Darban-    Ditto                  9 of 19-3-1941    14,300

    Nacional Agency,            Moroda                    dara       

    of Ponda.                 


11.Rajarama Naraina            Nundem                 Ditto         Nundem     Ditto                 10 of 20-8-1941   14,200 

    X Bandecar, of                  deulavoril

    Vasco da Gama.                dongor 


12.Comphania                       Lamgao                  Iron           Lamgao     Bicho-               11 of 20-8-1941   14,300

    Mineira Dempo                                                                                       lim

    and Souza Ltda,

    of Goa.


13.Comphania                       Vagachiper            Ditto         Bidholim    Ditto                 12 of 20-8-1941   14,300

    Mineira Dempo

    & Souza Ltda,

    of Goa.


14.Comphania                       Gaotoor                  Iron           Bordem     Bicho-                13 of 20-8-191        14,300

    Mineira Dempo                                                                                        lim

    and Souza Ltda,

    of Goa.


15.Comphania                       Toticho                  Ditto         Mulgao     Ditto                  14 of 208-1941       14,300

    Maneira Dempo                mor dongor    

    & Souza Ltda,

    of Goa.


16.Comphania                       Mandurbaga         Ditto         Ditto         Ditto                   15 of 20-8-1941      14,300

    Mineira Dempo

    & Sons Ltda,

    of Mormugao,


17.Firm Elesbao                    Padepanos            Fe/mang   Sancor-     Sang-                 17 of 22-10-1941  2,900

    Pereira & Sons                                                                      dem         uem

    Ltda, of



18.Kurnool M.V.   Vaguem                  Ditto         Melauli    Satari  1 of 6-10-1947        14,400  

    Maneer, of



19.Hiri Bombo                       Santana                  Ditto         Vichun-    Sang-                  1 of 6-10-1947          2,900

    Gaunco, of        Tembo                                         drem      uem



20.Companhia                       Gonoxirem             Ditto          Verlem    Ditto   2 of 24-4-1949        13,400


    Agency, of



21.Firm S.               Shrigal                    Ditto          Salauli     Ditto                   3 of 13-6-1949         14,300   

    Kantilal &          Muddi

    Cia.Ltda, of



22.Shri Rajaram                      Monte de              Iron            Sirigao    Bicho-                 4 of 17-6-1949         14,300

    N.X.Bandekar,                   Sirigao                                                        lim

    of Vasco.


23.Firm Chowgule                Cudplegaicho       Ditto          Ditto        Ditto                   5 of 8-7-1949            14,300

    & Cia.Ltd.,         Guer-Dongor

    of Marmagao.


24.Hiralal                                Gogoro or              Fe/Mang  Colomba   Sang-                 6 of 11-7-1949          10,100

    Khodidas, of                     Gulcan Dongor                      uem



25.Lidia Belinda                    Vagatto                  Ditto          Ditto        Ditto                   7 of 5-8-1949              9,900

    Simoes, of Goa.


26.Bascora Seguna              Cuncdacho            Ditto          Gudnem  Bicho-                  8 of 12-8-1949         14,000

    Corpo, of Vasco.              Gholl                                                             lim


27.Sociedade                         Macarxendo &      Ditto          Maulin-   Ditto                     9 of 23-9-1949        13,300

    Mineira Goesa,                 Mauling-                                    guem

    of Panaji.                            toucho dongor 


28.Sociedade                         Chireachea            Ditto          Ditto       Ditto                     10 of 23-9-1949       11,300

    Mineira Goesa,                 Ambeacodil

    Panaji.                                Dongurli &




29.Gurudas Timblo,              Gogolatembo        Ditto          Malcornem Quepem              11 of 4-11-1949  9,400

    of Margao.


30.Firm Chowgule                Goigonem               Iron           Mahem   Bicho-                    13 of 18-11-194910,400

    & Cia.Ltd                                                                                                lim 

    of Marmagao.


31.Eurico da Silva                 Orpale                    Fe/Mang  Ditto        Ditto                       14 of 18-11-194913,800

    Ataide e T.De                   Anturilich-

    Noronha, of       em, etc.



32.Firm S.                                Molhadvona,       Iron           Sancordem Sang-                   16 of 23-12-194912,200

    Kantilal                               Concramoli                         uem

    Cia.Ltd., of



33.Atmarama X.    Hunantlo               Fe/Mang  Colomba   Ditto                       17 of 23-12-1949 6,400

    Poi Palondicar,                  Dongor

    of Margao.


34.Aleixo Caetano                Sem denom            Ditto         Navelim   Ditto           1 of 13-1-1950  3,200

    Cardoso, of                       esp.



35.Gopinata Sinai                 Arembata               Ditto         Aturli       Bicho-                         3 of 13-1-1950  3,000

    Garco, of S.                                                                            lim



36.Firm Chowgule                Govala                    Ditto       Villiena      Sang-                           4 of 13-1-1950  7,300

    & Cia.Ltd.,                                                                              uem

    of Marmagao.


37.Firm S.Kantilal                 Paicatembo            Ditto     Villiena          Sang-                        5 of 23-1-1950 10,400 

    & Cia, Ltd., of                                                                                         uem



38.Quiteria Maria                  Godhodo               Ditto     Colomba      Ditto                          6 of 27-1-1950  5,600




39.Firm V.S.           Culnavoril              Ditto     Dudal            Ditto                         7 of 30-1-1950  5,600

    Dempo & Cia.   Sodo

    Ltd., of Goa.


40.Rajaram             Chirabande            Ditto     Patiem           Ditto                        8 of 24-2-1950 11,800

    Rangaji                               Vali


    of Ponguinim.


41.Mahamed Osman            Cuditembo             Ditto     Curpem        Ditto       10 of 24-2-1950  8,900

    Muhamed Hashan

    of Margao.


42.Firm Damodar                  Costimol                Ditto     Costi              Ditto                        11 of 24-2-1950  4,900

    Mangalji & Cia,

    Ltd., of Goa.


43.Xec Abdul Kadar,           Usqui Mordi         Ditto     Netorlim        Ditto                       12 of 27-2-1950 14,300

    of Sanguem.


44.Xec Abdul Kadar,           Chinchigalchi        Ditto     Tudou           Ditto                      13 of 27-2-1950 14,200

    of Sanguem.      Calmati


45.Firm Metha &                  Tilo Dongor,         Ditto     Curdi             Ditto                       14 of 27-2-1950  4,900

    cia.Ltd., of     etc.

    Vasco da Gama.


46.Roguvir Naraina              Bandadongor        Ditto     Verlem           Ditto                      15 of 13-3-1950 10,100

    Lotlecar, of



47.Roguvir Naraina              Banquidongor      Ditto     Ditto              Ditto                       16 of 13-3-1950  8,100

    Lotlecar, of                        or Bonquitembo 



48.Gurudas Timblo,              Ondea Cail             Fe/Ma- Pale                Bicho-                   17 of 27-3-1950 13,200

    of Margao.                        Mol, etc.                ng                                 im


49.Firm Damodar                  Maulingmolo        Ditto    Carapur          Ditto                       19 of 21-4-1950  3,100

    Mangalji & Cia.

    Ltd., of Goa.


50.Quiteria Maria                  Udo Dongor          Ditto    Colomba        Sang-                     20 of 21-4-1950 14,300

    Gonsalves                                                                                               uem

    Noronha, of



51.Firm Chowgule &            Deureamvoilo       Ditto     Vichun-          Ditto                       21 of 5-5-1950   7,400

    Cia.Ltd., of                         tembo                   drem



52.Firm Chowgule                Paratembo             Ditto     Costi               Ditto                        22 of 5-5-1950   9,000

    & Cia.Ltd.,         Dongurli,

    of Margao.        etc.


53.Mandyan A.    Sem Denomi-         Ditto     Zorulem        Pernem                    23 of 8-5-1950  14,300

    Parthasarathy,                  nacao

    of Pernem.         especial


54.Firm V.M.          Dudaliacha           Iron      Dudal               Sang-                     24 of 12-5-1950 13,000

    Salgaoncar                        Gaunt-onavoril                           uem

    e Irmao Ltd.,     sodo e

    of Vasco da                       Gitoneasoda



55.Sociedade Shri                 Maccdeatolem      Fe/Mang Jaqui          Ditto                      27 of 5-6-1950  10,400

    Mahalaximi Cia.                Mamatembo         of

    Mineira Ltd., of              Netrolim



56.Macros Marcelino          Tasmsurly             Ditto        Dandola      Ponda                   28 of 12-6-1950 12,900

    P.De Souza, of



57.Marcos Marcelino          Calamatembi          Ditto       Tiurem         Ditto                      29 of 12-6-1950 13,800

    P.De Souza, of



58.Prafula Rajarama              Godcavadea          Iron         Colem          Sang-                     30 of 16-6-1950 11,800

    Hede, of Goa.    Javalachem                                   uem

                                                Upor &




59.Sociedade Timblo           Devandongor       Fe/Mang  Rivona       Ditto                       31 of 7-7-1950   8,900

    Irmaos Ltd., of



60.Firm V.M.          Motto                     Ditto         Revora       Bardez                    32 of 7-7-1950   4,900

    Salgaoncar e

    Irmao Ltd., of

    Vasco da Gama.


61.Sociedade Timblo           Borga                     Ditto         Rivona        Sang-                    34 of 2-10-1950 12,800

    Irmaos Ltd., of                                                                                          uem



62.Gangadhar                        Chandsuriacho     Ditto         Netorlim     Ditto                      35 of 2-10-1950 14,200

    Narsingdas                        Fatravoril

    Agrawal, of                       dongor






63.Raja Porobo                     Perchotembo         Ditto       Batie             Ditto                     37 of 10-10-195010,000

    Baticar, of                                                                          Cumbari



64.Nilconta            Codeachem           Fe/Mang Sanvordem Satari                    38 of 10-11-195014,300

    Jaganata                            Devonavoril

    Coulecar, of      Molentil

    Mapusa.                            Zaga


65.Manohar H.N.  Gundegally            Ditto        Dargalim    Pernem                   9 of 11-12-195014,300

    Naik, Parule-     or Chendo    



66.Vishwasrao D. Citeiros que           Iron           Calem        Sang-                    40 of 22-12-195012,300

    Chowgule, of                    ficam de ambos                     uem

    Vasco da Gama.                os lados de

                                                inha ferrea,



67.Lidia Belinda                    Molietembo           Fe/Mang  Rivona       Ditto                    42 of 29-12-1950  7,300

    Simoes, of Goa. Maquerim


68.Xec Mohamed                 Devapan or           Ditto        Caurem      Quepem                   1 of 8-1-1951   14,300

    Issac, of Goa.    Devadongor


69.Madeva Upendra            Saniem                    Iron           Sancor-      Sang-                      2 of 8-1-1951    7,200

    Sinai Talaulikar,                                                                    dem           uem



70.Firm V.S.Dempo               Cantor                    Fe/Mang  Curpem       Ditto                     3 of 19-1-1951  14,000

    & Cia.Ltd.,

    of Goa.


71.Vassudeva N.  Vagagholl              Ditto         Molcor-       Quepem                 4 of 2-2-1951    3,800

    Sarmalkar,                                                                             nem

    of Margao.


72.Dinanata Muc-                Zamblimol              Ditto       Colomba       Sang-                      5 of 2-2-1951    7,200

    unda S.Cuvel                    & Cicilitem                        uem

    car, of Raia.                       bo


73.Gurudas Timblo,              Chivanritembo      Ditto       Dongor         Ditto                       7 of 9-2-1951   13,300

    of Margao.        or Chivari-



74.Gurdas Timblo,                Paicapanacho       Ditto      Pirla             Quepem                    8 of 9-2-1951   13,900

    of Margao.        dongor


75.Bhanudas Bablo              Convorzorit-          Ditto       Curpem        Sanguem                9 of 12-2-1951  14,200

    S.Cossombo, of                embo, Motatem-

    Sanguem.           bo Bandoli



76.Haider Caximo                  Vangi Bindi           Ditto       Sulcorna       Auepem               10 of 23-2-1951 11,900

    Can of Sanguem.              Advona, etc.


77.Zoirama Bicaji                  Avaliadongor       Ditto       Molcornem  Ditto                      11 of 23-2-1951 11,400

    Neugui, of



78.Francisca         Gorditembo           Ditto       Netorlim      Sang-                       12 of 26-2-1951  6,700  

    Sequeira of                                                                         uem



79.Vishwasrao D. Cararem-                Ditto       Colomba     Ditto                       14 of 2-3-1951  14,300

    Chowgule, of                    dongor      

    Vasco da Gama.


80.Vishwasrao D. Partimsodo,          Iron         Molem       Ditto                         15 of 2-3-1951  11,500

    Chowgule, of                    etc.

    Vasco da Gama.


81.Vishwasrao D. Pundavamgavo-  Iron         Dudal         Sang-                       16 of 2-3-1951  11,800

    Chowgule, of                     ril Sodo                                 uem

    Vasco da Gama.


82.S.Kantilal &     Gottovo                 Fe/Mang  Netorlim   Ditto                         17 of 2-3-1951   6,300

    Cia.Ltd., of                         Dongor



83.Xec.Alub, of                    Zambut-                  Ditto      Tudou of     Ditto                       19 of 9-3-1951  11,500

    Sanguem.           olem                                        Verlem


84.Tulxidas Madeva            Careacodil              Ditto      Maulin-       Ditto                        20 of 9-3-1951  12,500

    X.Deulcar          Upri, Ditto                             guem

    of Calem.                            Adam Tembo,



85.Zoiram Bhicaji                  Madiacho               Ditto      Cauremi      Quepem                  21 of 19-3-1951 12,400

    Neugmi of Mapuca.         tembo Canda-

                                                lanche mol

                                                or Gormodi


86.Roguvir Sinai                    Casarman              Ditto       Salgunim     Sanguem                22 of 30-3-1951  4,700

    Garco, of S.                                                                        Verlem

    Lourenco de



87.Gurdas Timblo,                Moliadongor         Ditto       Tudou of     Ditto                      23 of 30-3-1951 10,000

    of Margao.                                                                        Verlem


88.Horichondra                     Sadezemotil           Ditto       Cumbari     Ditto        26 of 6-4-1951  11,900

    Saunlo N.Tari,   Rica

    of Sanguem.


89.Firma Sesa Goa                Botvadeacho        Ditto       Pissur-        Satari                          28 of 6-4-1951  3,500

    Ltd., of Goa.      Dongor                                  lem


90.Damum Naique,               Cosmoichem         Ditto       Sulcor-      Quepem                     29 of 13-4-1951 3,500

    of Curchorem.   Mola                                       na


91.Mineira Prom-                  Folsadando            Ditto    Netorlim       Sang-                        32 of 13-4-1951 5,400

    etedora Ltd.,     or Vadvol                               uem

    of Netorlim.


92.Xec Adam Xac.               Nissorval               Ditto      Colomba     Ditto                        34 of 20-4-195114,000

    Abubakar, of



93.Gajanana P.N.  Chiunim                 Ditto       Rivona        Ditto                       35 of 20-4-195111,500

    Cormoli of          Dongor, etc.



94.Xec Abdul                        Cumartolem           Ditto       Curpem       Ditto                       37 of 20-4-1951 5,300

    Gofur X.A.         Dongor, etc.

    Agis of



95.Firm Chowgule                Casana,                  Iron         Costi           Ditto                       38 of 20-4-195114,300

    & Cia, Ltd.,        Costimola,

    of Marmago.     etc.


96.Narahari S.S.    Pandava                 Ditto       Santona       Ditto                     40 of 27-4-195114,200

    Narvenkar, of                    Xetavoilo              of Quir-

    Goa.                                    Soddo &                                lapale

                                                Vozro Sodo


97.Roguvir R.        Gurmulem              Fe/Mang Cudnem     Bicholim                 41 of 11-5-1951 9,600


    of Poinguinim.


98.Firm Shantilal                   Gotton                    Fe/Mang Netorlim    Sanguem                42 of 18-5-1951 9,100

    Kushaldas Irmaos,           Sorad tembo

    of Margao.


99.Firm V.S.Denpo               Navientil                Ditto       Aglote         Ditto                      43 of 18-5-195114,300

    & Cia, Ltd., of                   Galivoril

    Goa.                                    Advona

                                                Nagona, etc.


100.Sociedade Shanti-         Joleracho               Ditto       Maina           Quepem                44 of 18-5-1951 8,800

    lal Kushaldas &                dongor

    Irmaos, of



101.Xembu Zoideva             Dhabella                Ditto       Undorna       Ditto                     45 of 8-6-1951 13,300

    X.Moratto, of                    mola



102.Vassantaram G.              Vatasur                  Ditto       Colomba       Sanguem               46 of 15-6-1951 3,100

    Metha, of Vasco

    da Gama.


103.Ramacrishna Dottu       Goddibaim             Ditto       Navelim        Bicho-                    47 of 18-6-1951 5,500

    P.Loundo, of                                                                                             lim




104.Vicente J.F,     Madda-Xeta-       Ditto       Netorlim       Sang-                     48 of 25-6-195114,300

     Figeirdo, of                        Jetona                                          uem



105.Sociedade                        Poicul Compro     Ditto       Melauli          Satari                      49 of 6-7-195110,100

     Mineira N.Ltd.,

     of Margao.


106.Vassudeva N.                Gola dongor         Ditto       Sulcorna        Quepem                 50 of 6-7-195112,600

    Sarmalcar, of



107.Gurdas Timblo,              Bhutabaincho      Ditto        Verlem           Sang-                     51 of 20-7-1951 9,700

    of Margao.                         dongor                                                            uem


108.Roguvir R.      Thatatem               Iron        Daraban-        Ditto                    52 of 23-7-195114,300  

     Poinguincar,     Soddo                                   dora

     of Poinguinim.


109.Aec Abdul Gofur          Pola dongore        Fe/Mang  Curpem        Ditto                       53 of 3-8-1951 4,400

    X.A.Agis, of                     Dongore



110.Jose Azavedo                Zamblidando         Ditto       Verlem           Ditto                        54 of 3-8-1951 5,200

    Duarte, of



111.Mancher H.N.                Guellieme               Iron           Pissur-          Satari                     55 of24-8-195112,600

    Parulecar, of     Gaval                                        lem



112.Daue Khan, of               Matta                     Fe/Mang  Rivona         Sang-                      58 of 3-9-195112,600

    Sanguem           Conda                                                             uem


113.Zoiram B.        Iembeche               Ditto       Mania            Quepem                  59 of 3-9-195114,200

    Neugui, of        dongor   



114.Minguel                           Canelid-                Ditto       Vichun-          Sang-                  60 of 14-9-1951211,800

    Mascarenhas,                   ongor                    drem      uem

    of Sanvordem.


115.Mineira                           Cuddeagali-           Iron         Santona                         Ditto                    62 of 1-10-195113,100

    Nacional Ltd.    voril Sodo                              Quirla-

    of Panaji.                            dongor                  pale




116.Chandracanta                Gobaim or              Fe/Mang  Curpem       Ditto                    63 of19-10-195110,000

    F.Naigue, of     Cuntiem



117.Amalia Rodri-                 Polo Dongor         Fe/Mang  Curpem       Sang-                    65 of 7-12-1951 8,400

    tues G.Figu-     & Dongor                                                      uem

    eiredo, of



118.Firm S.             Poxelacho              Ditto       Maido of       Ditto                    66 of 14-12-195114,200

    Kantilal &          sodo                                        colem

    Cia Ltd.,

    of Margao.


119.Firm S.Kanti-                  Gonesgudi             Ditto       Rumademo   Ditto                     67 of 14-12-195 14,900

    lal & Cia Ltd.,    Dongor                                  of Netor-  

    of Margao.                                                                        lim


120.Mingoa Sociedade        Maindvoli-            Iron         Codli            Ditto                     69 of 14-12-1951 14,300

    Mineira Goesa,                 cho Sodo &

    SARL, of Goa.   Codeculnavo- 

                                                ril Sodo


121.Ramakanta,                     Deulem                   Ditto       Pissur-           Satari                  70 of 17-12-1951 14,300

    Xetie of                                                                              lem



122.Firma V.M.       Madei                    Fe.Mang  Vantem       Ditto                    71 0f 21-12-1951 11,400


    & Irmao Ltd.,

    of Vasco da



123.Firm S.Kanti-                  Anavla-                  Ditto       Molcor-        Quepem                   1 of 4-1-1952    5,500

    lal & Cia, of       dongor                  rnem



124.Quiteria Maria                Cormol-                  Ditto       Colomba       Sang-                     3 of 11-1-1952  12,900

    Gonsalvews,                     dad dongor                                                   uem

    Noronha, of



125.Firm S.Kanti-                  Melcadongor        Ditto        Sancor-        Ditto                        4 of 1-2-1952  10,600

    lal, & Cia,

    Ltd., of



126.Ailiabhai S.     Vancali                   Ditto       Colomba       Ditto                          5 of 1-2-1952  3,200

    Cacodcar, of                      temb    



127.Arnaldo Reis. Fondiatolia-           Ditto       Netorlim       Ditto                          7 of 1-2-1952  4,100

     Cruz of Bena                     voridongor   



128.Gopal Visvonata            Ubefatracodi-        Ditto        Maina          Quepem                    8 of 1-2-1952  8,000

    Godekar de                        I dongri



129.Sociedade Timblo         Santona Guro        Ditto       Sigao             Sanguem                 9 of 1-2-1952 11,000

    Irmaos Ltd., of



130.Esvonta Data-                Pandavamsodo    Ditto       Rivona          Ditto                       10 of 1-2-1952  4,600

    traia Sadecar,

    of Margao.


131.Firm Damodar                Dobdobo               Ditto       Bicholim      Bicho-                      11 of 4-2-1952  7,200

    Mangalji &                                                                                                lim

    Cia.Ltd., of



132.Narahari S.S.  Mainantil               Ditto       Santana        Sang-                      12 of 8-2-1952  1,100

    Narvenkar of                      Murdi                  of Quir-  uem

    Goa.                                                    la pale


133.Rucminibai S. Apteachem-           Ditto    Onda             Satari                       13 of 22-2-1952 3,700

    Bhobe, wife                       Boroda

    of late Krishna

    Bhobe or

    Quexarbai, of



134.Badrudin Bavani,          Nomoxitebo           Ditto       Rivona         Sang-                     14 of 22-2-195214,300

    of Margao.                                                                               uem


135.Sadassiva D.  Pistem                   Fe/Mang  Latam-      Bicho-                     15 of 22-2-1952  8,900

    Tiroder Margao.                                                                 barcem       lim


136.Sociedade Timblo         Ambegal                Ditto       Salginim       Sang-                     16 of 25-2-1952  9,000

    Irmaos Ltd., of                  Jeddit                    of Verlem     uem

    Margao.                             moddi  


137.Firm S.Kantilal               Toliavolli,              Ditto       Villiena       Ditto       17 of 29-2-1952 13,600

    & Cia.Ltd., of     Zambod,etc.



138.Firm S.Kantilal               Kairad &                Ditto       Villiena       Ditto        18 of 29-2-1952  6,700

    & Cia.Ltd., of   Talaoili                of Bati



139.Firm V.M.Salgao-          Molcornem            Ditto       Aglote         Ditto     19 of 29-2-1952 14,300

    car, Irmao Ltd.,  

    of Vasco da Gama.


140.Harichandra S.N.           Vagamollo-            Ditto       Vichun-       Ditto      21 of 29-2-1952  8,700

    Tari, of Sanguem.             foda guir,              drem



141.Roque Santana           Zambeamollo       Ditto     Rivona              Ditto                        25 of 21-3-1952  7,100

      Baneto, of



142.Firm Shantilal            Chumimolo or     Ditto     Ditto            Ditto                                  28 of 28-3-1952 6,200

      K.& Bros., of               Xissoria                                                                                                                                                

     Margao.                            tembo    


143.Vasudeva D.S.               Borgadon-             Ditto     Rivona         Ditto                       29 of 28-3-1952 10,200

     Cosombo of                     grachem Fall,

      Sanguem.                         etc.




145.Vasantaram G.                Navelem                 Ditto     Curpem        Ditto        33 of 28-3-1952  8,200                      Mehtha, of Vasco

                da Gama.


146.Firm V.S.Dempo &   Tambessodo              Ditto     Colombo      Ditto         35 of 4-4-1952  14,100   Cia.Ltd., of Goa.


147.Firm V.S.Dempo &   Candulgo    Iron      Codali            Bicho                       37 of 4-4-1952  14,300

Cia.Ltd., of Goa                                                                  or                      lim



148.Hiru Bombo Gaunco, Santonate                 Fe/Mang Vichund    Sangu                     38 of 14-4-1952 14,300

     of Margao.                       mbo Bandax                             rem          em



149.Vammona M.Zoixi,   Tialachem                   Ditto       Ozorim      Pernem                      39 0f 18-4-1952 14,300      of Oxel.                  temba B.

                                                dongor, etc.


150.Roguvir, S.Gargo           Margamodil           Ditto       Salginem   Sangu                         40 0f 18-4-1952 6,300

                of S.Lurrencorde  Donger                                                        em



151.Tucarama P.X.               Malia                      Ditto      Vadem       Ditto                         41 of 21-4-1952 10,400

            Parcar, of Colem    Dongor


152.Kamlanata N.Xetio,       Batolem                  Ditto      Betqui         Ponda                     42 of 21-4-1952 11,500

     of Goa.              Drama



153.Sociedace Tmblo           Vagini                     Fe/Mang Saligi        Sangeu                       44 of 5-5-1952  3,200

                Irmaos Ltd.,        dongor                                       nem           em

                of Margao.     or




154.Sociedate                        Cormolem &          Ditto      Cudnem      Bicho                         45 of 5-5-1952  5,800

                Timblo                    Brog                                                             lim

                Irmaos Ltd.,

                of Margao.


155.Joao Santana                 Bomaoatto              Ditto      Malauli       Satari        46 of 5-5-1952  5,100

                Gomes, Margao.                                                           


156.Joao Hugo                      Chiudiad-               Ditto      Darban         Saung                     47 of 5-5-1952 14,300

                Eduardo Sequeria,   vona, etc.            dora              uem

                of Goa.  


157.Xec Mohammed        Undirgala                   Ditto      Cotarli           Ditto                       48 of 30-5-1952 5,000

                Issac, of                 or Temache 

     Sanguem.          advadiachem

                                                advona, etc.


158.Firm S.Kantilal               Nansaconda          Ditto       Naiquin        Ditto                        50 of 2-6-1952  6,900

     & Cia.Ltd.,                        or Nassa

                of Margao.      conda


159.Roguvir Sinai                  Cazreanchem        Iron         Cudnem       Bicho                      51 of 6-6-1952 11,400

      Garco, of          Culde e Adj.

                S.Lourenco de



160.Raia Dotu S.Lade          Navelem                 Fe/Mang  Curpem      Sange                     53 of 13-6-1952 4,500

     Sanvordem                                                                                               um



161.Raja Porobo                   Percho                    Ditto          Batie         Ditto                         54 of 13-6-1952 6,000

                Baticar,                                                   tembo         Cumbari



162.Shantilal Khusha            Rumad                   Ditto           Curdi       Ditto      55 of 20-8-1952 13,200                                     ldas & Bros, of      olem                 



163.Visvasrao D.Cho             Khirnim                Ditto           Salginim  Ditto        58 of 11-7-1952 3,000

                wgule, Vasco da      dongor



164.Quexcwa Sinai                  Patiafala              Ditto          Colomba   Ditto                      59 of 18-7-1952 14,000

                Cundo, of Margao.


165.Firm S.Kantilal                  Asni don            Ditto          Curdi         Ditto                       60 of 18-7-1952  6,300

                & Cia.Ltd., of        gor



166.Firm S.Kantilal                 Zamsodo or         Ditto          Bati &        Ditto                       61 of 18-7-1952  7,300

                & Cia, Ltd., of       Capiacodichen                         Cumbari



167.Vassudeva Madeva    Matt e Dando         Iron            Valguen   Bicho                      62b of 18-7-1952 7,600    Salgaocar, of                                                             

                Vasco da Gama.


168.D.B.Bandodkar of      Ditto                          Ditto           Ditto        Ditto      62a of 18-7-1952 7,000



169.Atchuta Vishnu S.        Vansvolate            Fe/Mang   Vichun      Sangu                      67 of 18-8-1952 8,600

                Velingear, of        mbo or Xim-                                dren &      em

                Velinga.                  evoril dongor                            Netrolim.


170.Malbe Madeva S.R.Vitcantor      Ditto           Virdi         Bicho                     68 of 18-8-1972 14,000

                Sar Dessai of                                                                                 lim



171.Mingoa Sociedede        Gurmel                   Fe/Mang     Codli        Sangu                   70 of 18-8-1952 14,300

                Mineira Goesa, of                                 Quirlapa                          em

                Goa.                                        le     


172.Firm Damodar Man     Zambol &                Ditto            Villiena     Ditto                       71 of 18-8-1952 4,300

                galj & Cia.Ltd.,        terr.adj

                of Goa.


173.Sociedade Timblo         Dobar, Tanca        Ditto            Aglote       Ditto                   73 of 18-8-1952 13,800

                Irmaos Ltd., of        &Aglote Sodo



174.Sociedade Verencar         Dabo                   Ditto            Surla         Bicho-                74 of 22-8-1952  14,300

                &Cia.Ltd., of                                                                                   lim



175.Voicunta Cadnekar          Chunimol or       Ditto             Colomba   Sanguem          75 of 29-8-1952  12,600

                of Margao.               Gotifondatembo


176.Firm Sesa Goa Ltd,           Orasso Dongor  Iron              Adol          Bichol                76 of 8-9-1952   14,200

                Goa.                                                                              pale             im


177.Firm V.M.Salgaon            Pet page-            Fe/Mang      Doro          Sangeum          77 of 12-9-1952   8,600

                &Irmaos Ltd., of     dongor,              of     

                Vasco da Gama.       Bainem             Sanvordem


178.Soid Adam, of                   Deudongro          Ditto            Colomba     Ditto                78 of 19-9-1952   3,800



179.Mineira Prometado          Eroca                    Ditto            Netrolim     Ditto                 81 of 26-9-1952   5,200

                Ltd., Netorlim.


180.Roguvira S.Garco of     Pedamolla               Ditto            Colomba     Ditto                82 of 26-9-1952  14,300

                S.Lourenco de



181.Firm V.M.Salgaoncar    Mardando &           Iron              Surla          Bicho                83 of 26-9-1952  13,500

                &I.Ltd.,of Vasco      Barcati                                                            lim

                da Gama.


182.Rajaram Narayan X.Jequel or        Fe/Mang     Pale            Ditto                84 of 3-10-1952  14,300

                Bandekar of Vasco    Jacadevicho

                da Gama.                    dongor


183.Mussa Usman Ali,           Gadichem              Ditto            Curpem       Sangu            85 of 10-10-1952 10,800

                of Goa                       Advona                                                           em


184.Visnum S.Chuchorcar  Moscaurem              Ditto            Rivona        Ditto              86 of 18-10-1952 13,700

                of Chandor.      of Cornol  


185.Firm V.S.Dempo&Cia Chedeudon                Iron              Nuem          Canac             87 of 13-10-1952 13,300

                Ltd., of Goa              gar & Dar                                            na



186.Sociedade Timblo           Copila Gai              Ditto            Sigao           Sangu             88 of 7-11-1952 13,500

                Irmaos Ltd.of         chem Paul                                                           em



187.Sociedade Lither           Calsanicho              Iron              Advolpale   Bicho              89 of 7-11-1952   6,800

                ferro Ltd., of          mato de Oil                                                           lim

                Mapusa.                mol Devachem

                                                 Udic & Goli

                                                 coilo, etc.


188.Balkrishna Porob           Bamnavadoe           Ditto           Latambar      Ditto                90 of 7-11-1952   7,100

                Padgaoncar of      outros                                           cem



189.Babol Sanvlo N.Tari   Ambasorvo               Fe/Mang    Cotarli&       Sangu            91 of 7-11-1952  13,500

                of Sanguem                                                                  Xeldem         em


190.Sociedade Timblo         Dignem                    Iron            Cudnem       Bicho              92 of 14-11-1952  5,800

                Irmoas Ltd., of                                                                                   lim



191.Firm Chowgule &          Monte Udo             Fe/Mang   Colomba      Sangu            93 of 14-11-1952 10,600

                Cia.Ltd.,of Margao.                                                              em


192.FirmV.S.Dempo &         Marsoddo               Fe/Mang   Pissurlem     Satari             95 of 14-11-1952 14,200

                Cia.Ltd.,of Goa                                 


193.Firm S.Kantilal&             Cajucodil                 Ditto         Viliena         Sangu              96 of 14-11-1952  4,600

                Cia.Ltd.of Margao.mola,Calia                    of                     em

                                                 Mordi Magdi                              Bati

                                                 atemboe out,



194.Balcrisna Bahirji             Sisso Calli                 Ditto        Curpem        Ditto                97 of 5-12-1952   8,400

                Patil, of Margao.dongor,etc.                      


195.Firm Chowgule &      Cazchemrame                Iron           Onda            Satari               98 of 5-12-1952 10,700

                Cia.Ltd.,of              outroster



196.Gangadhar Narsing       Borchem Da             Ditto          Sarvona       Vicholim         99  of 5-12-1952 14,300

                das Agrawal,of     ticho Dong

                Margao.                     racho, etc.


197.Gangadhar Narsing       Apteachea                Ditto          Bordem       Ditto                100 of 5-12-1952  4,900

                das Agrawal,of     Dativorli

                Margao.                 dongor


198.Vamona Govinda            Caratuti                    Fe/ma       Morlem        Satari             101 of 15-12-1952 13,200

                Sinde, of Mapuca.Deulvado                   ng


199.Roguvira N.Lotle            Paicatembo              Ditto          Netroli         Sanguem    103 of 15-12-1952  7,100

                of Margao.             or Cotlam da                um


200.Viswasrao D.  Tolichem                  Ditto          Aglote         Ditto                  1 of 9-1-1953   11,200

                Chowgule, of         advona

   Vasco  da Gama.


201.Viswasrao D. Massana                   Ditto          Candola       Ponda                 2 of 9-1-1953    3,200

                Chowgule,             of Moddi de

     Vasco da Gama.               Camoluem



202.Firm V.M.Salgao             Poicul of                  Ditto         Melauli&     Satari                  4 of 6-2-1953   11,400

                car e Irmaos Ltd., Congorem                                  Conquirem

                of Vasco da Gama.


203.Martinho Countinho     Sem denomi             Fe/ma      Tudou&       Sanguem         5 of 6-2-1953    13,600

                Cuncolim.               nacao espe-              ng



204.Crisna Mucunda           Bencremdan             Ditto         Jaqui of       Ditto                     6 of 6-2-1953    8,400

Camotim of Assol                do & Cadia                                 Netrolim

                na.`                         band avoril



205.Shantilal Kushal            Magmepan &           Ditto        Maina         Quepem               9 of 13-2-1953   3,300

                das & Bros., of    Satarcara

                Margao.                 chem, etc.


206.Lidia Belinda                  Coti dongor              Ditto        Pirla             Ditto                  10 of 13-2-1953  11,300

                Simoes of Goa.


207.Voicunta Canecar,         Beteagal or               Ditto        Maina           Ditto                  12 of 20-2-1953   4,500

                of Margao.            Bateaxembugal


208.Sociedade Timblo         Soddo                       Iron          Surla             Bicholim           13 of 20-2-1953  12,700

                Irmaos Ltd., of



209.Sociedade Timblo         Quelchem                Ditto        Cudnem         Ditto                14 of 20-2-1953  10,600

                Irmaos Ltd., of      Tour, Tambdi

                Margao.                 Mati.


210.Firm Oriente                   Bibe Pata                 Fe/Ma     Netro             Sangeum         15 of 2-3-1953    8,400

                Ltd., of Margao                         ng          lim


211.Firm Damodar Ma         Conquirem               Iron          Conqu            Satari                18 of 6-3-1953   12,900

                ngalji & Cia.          Canvavoril                                 irem

                (India) Ltd.,            dongor

                of Goa.


212.Abdul Satar Abdul       Undrdvona &         Fe/Ma     Netor             Sangeum         20 of 6-3-1953    7,500

Kadar Soundagar of            Odlotembo                ng           lim



213.Gangadhar Narsing        Passariatim             Ditto       Colomba        Ditto                    21 of 9-3-1953   4,600

                das Agarwal, of    bo



214.Damodar Jaganata         Ordolo Don            Ditto        Sancor           Ditto                   22 of 13-3-1953  3,300

                Amoncar, of Margao. gor


215.Empresa Minero Co      Choriancho             Iron         Bimbol           Sanguem         23 of  6-4-1953 13,200

                mmercial de Goa    tembo dongar                          of

                Ltd., of Margao                                                      Colem


216.Joao Santana Gom-       Xelnemtembo,         Fe/Ma   Aglote            Ditto                 25 of 10-4-1953 14,000

                es, Junior of          Constiadvona         ng          of

                Margao.                                                   Sancor



217.Atchuta Pandu              Borcotea                 Ditto       Vichun           Ditto                 26 of 13-4-1953 10,800

                ronga P.Dessai,    dongor                    drem

                of Netorlim


218.Firm V.M.Salgao            Tanque de             Ditto        Adlote            Ditto                 27 of 13-4-1953 11,200

                car &I.Ltd., of       Bonconem

                Vasco da Gama.


219.Narayan Ganesh            Ontichem               Iron          Sarvona          Bicholim           28 of 24-4-1953 10,300

                Prabhu Zantye      or Ponecanem

                Bicholim.                & Begaeta

                                                Ticana, etc.


220.Narayan Ganesh            Consiavo              Fe/Ma      Sarvona          Bicholim           29 of 24-4-1953 11,300

                Prabhu Zantye     ril, Gonesi               ng

                Bicholim.                achedativoril





221.Sociedade Timble          Bonvorfon             Ditto       Netro                Sanguem         30 of 24-4-1953  4,500

                Irmaos Ltd., of      ditemboe

                Margao                  outros


222.Firm Chowgule&           Pale dong               Iron      Pale                   Bicholim            31 of 24-4-1953 12,000

                Cia.Ltd., of             or



223.Narahari Shivram           Palietem                 Fe/Ma   Curdi                 Sanguem          32 of 24-4-1953  9,800

X.Naravadednear                 & Beque                                ng

                of Goa.                    riz


224.Firm Damodar Man        Marsodo               Ditto      Surla                Bicholim              33 of 24-4-1953 11,200




225.Nalini Camotim              Metacod                Ditto    Vadem&          Ditto                       35 of 15-5-1953  4,400

                Sancoalkar or         Anvlitembo                          Siggonem

                Nalini Manohar

                Kamat, Cacora.


226.Esvonta Visnum            Bagueatem            Ditto   Netorlim             Ditto                    36 of 15-5-1953  6,300

                P.Raiturcar,            bo

                of Margao.


227.Esvonta Visnum            Murmeatem           Ditto   Curdi                 Ditto                     37 of 15-5-1953  4,600

                P.Raiturcar, of       bo or anva

                of Margao.            licop


228.Marcos Marcelino        Sem denom            Ditto   Mopa               Pernem                  38 of 15-5-1953  9,400

       Souza of        inacao es 

                Pilerne                     pecial


229.Lakhraj Nathurm            Oilem An               Ditto  Arvalem           Bicholim                39 of 15-5-1953 12,300

                al of Goa.               valem


230.Xec Mahidin Xec          Khoiricho              Ditto  Sancordem      Sanguem                40 of 15-5-1953  4,800

                Daud, of Vasco    dongor

                da Gama.


231.Vassantram Gan            Caliemola               Ditto  Colomba         Ditto                        41 of 22-5-1953  9,900

                patram Metha of  ou Calzar 

                Vasco da Gama.igogo


232.Firm Damodar                Oriemola                Ditto   Moicalem       Ditto                       42 of 25-5-1953 10,000

                Mangalji&Cia.,                                                     (Colem)


                of Goa.


233.Xec Abdul                      Oiteiro                    Ditto   Curpem         Ditto                         43 of 25-5-1953  4,900

                Gofor, Xec             Divodgal                &Curdi

                Abdul Aziz of



234.Vicente Joao                  Ganali    Ditto    Varlem         Ditto                           44 of 29-5-1953  6,700

                Filomeno Figu     dongor

                eredo, of out



235.Jorge Anibal de             Gungurem              Ditto    Mirancal       Ponda                      46 of 1-6-1953  13,200

                matos sequeira      Belagal,

                of Goa.                   tc.


236.Damodar Dundo            Bogvota                 Fe/Ma  Quirlap          Sanguem                 47 of 1-6-1953   9,100

                lica Moncar,          Cumiate                    ng          le

                of ponchovadi.     mbo.


237.Sayad Issac,                   Deucol                   Ditto    Adcolna        Ponda                     49 of 8-6-1953  11,300

                of Sanguem.          Cunbasai



238.Firm V.M.,       Madiem                  Ditto    Sigao            Sanguem                    50 of 8-6-1953   6,900


                India, Ltd.,

                of Vasco da



239.Sripada Voi     Laquerem e            Ditto    Bordem        Bicholim                    54 of 12-6-1953  9,700

                cunta Naique        out ter adj



240.Zacarias Antao,             Monte Iran            Ditto   Potrem            Sanguem                 55 of 19-6-1953 11,300

                of Petalbatim         qui


241.Firm Chowgule              Khuntiemo            Ditto  Sulgorna        Quepem                   57 of 19-6-1953 14,200

&Cia, Ltd., of Vas                  lem

co da Gama.


242.Vishvasrao D.                Ganvancodil          Ditto  Gavancodil    Satari                       59 of 26-6-1953 12,200

                Chowgule, of        tod, etc.

                Vascoda Gama.


243.Surlaji Sinarji                  Cutiemola              Ditto  Molcornem   Quepem                   60 of 26-6-1953 13,800

                Cacodkar               Buildo


244.Sociedade Timb             Bondradvona        Iron   Codly &        Sanguem                   61 of 3-7-1953  11,800

                lo Irmaos Ltda.,     Daucona &                      Darbandora

                of Margao             Tanca


245.Sociedade Timb             Zanodem               Fe/Ma Molcornem   Quepem                  62 of 3-7-1953  13,300

                lo Irmaos Ltda.,     Soda                       ng

                of Margao.


246.Sripada Voicunta           Medianchem         Ditto   Cotorem        Satari                       64 of 10-7-1953 11,000

                anique, of              Bicho ran or etc.



247.Firm Sesa Goa                Potvol, Mo            Ditto   Velgam         Ditto       65 of 17-7-1953 11,200

                Ltda., of Goa         dlovado,etc.


248.Anibal Gabriel                Guladvona             Ditto   Codar             Ponda                     67 of 17-7-1953  7,700

                Pereira of



249.Vicente Fernan              Mortegal                Ditto   Uguem          Sanguem               68 of 17-7-1953  10,100

                des of Merces.      Mordi.


250.Firm S.Kandilal              Dobacho Don       Ditto   Netorlium     Ditto       70 of 31-7-1953   3,200

                &Cia.,Ltd., of        gor ter.adj.



251.Vinaeca Naraina            Dongorvado &     Ditto   Sanco Dem    Ditto                      71 of 31-7-1953  11,500

                Bandekar, of          Curdado



252.Jaganata Crisna             Gantcaracho          Ditto  Bordem          Bicholim                 72 of 10-8-1953   9,000

                nata P.Mambro,   Dongor

                of Mapusa.


253.Erasmo de Jesus            Quegdicho            Fe/Ma Cotorem        Satari                     73 of 10-8-1953  13,300

                Sesqueira,of          Cono&Tole           ng

                of Goa.                   achem Advona


254.Crisna Butu                    Careadega             Ditto   Codar            Ponda                     75 of 10-8-1953  12,200

                Saunto, of               Advona



255.Firm Damodar                Biptamol                Ditto  Sanvordem    Sanguem                  76 of 10-8-1953   3,200

                Mangalji &            Cia

                (I)Ltda., of



256.Nalini Camotim              Tirtha                     Ditto   Naroa           Bicholim                    77 of 10-8-1953 14,000

                Sancoalcar, of



257.Rauji Raia      Hedultembo          Iron    Pissurlem      Satari         80 of 14-8-1953  8,100

                sinai Quirto

                nim, of Goa.


258.Firm Shantilal                 Goiband                 Fe/Ra  Velguem      Bicholim                    81 of  28-8-1953  4,600

                K.& Bros., of          Mattem                 ng



259.Gasa Goa Ltd.,               Suctoli                    Ditto    Sangod        Sanguem                82 of 28-8-1953   13,900

                of Margao.            Chimteca



260.Firm Damodar                Solla                       Ditto    Colomba     Ditto                       84 of  28-8-1953   11,800

                Mangalji &

                Cia (I)Ltda.,

                of Goa.


261.Vassudeva                     Purmar                    Iron      Pale           Bicholim                     86 of 4-9-1953    13,600

                Medava                 and

                Salgaocar of          Parvedhat,

                Vasco da Gama.etc.


262.M/s.Sociedade              Advona                 Ditto    Siago         Sanguem                     87 of 7-9-1953     7,200

  `             Timblo Iramao's  tolemata

                Ltd., of Margao   &Caligu



263.Sociedade tim(I)            Cornol                    Fe/Ma  Colomba   Ditto                           88 of 11-9-1953    7,700

                Ltda., of Margao                                  ng


264.Sociedade Tim               Chanfiad                Ditto    Verlem      Ditto            89 of 11-9-1953 13,100

                blo(I)Ltda., of        ongor Vaga

                Margao.                  ntto


265.Sociadade Timblo(I)     Nassamordie         Ditto    Salginem   Ditto                            90 of 11-9-1953 13,000

                Ltda.,of Margao    ter adj.


266.Sociedade Jevebai&  Vegreaugundo         Ditto    Maina          Quepem                     91 of 11-9-1953  8,200

                Cia,Ltd., of Margao


267.Fulgencio Francisco  Dadiavoril                 Iron     Xelpi  of       Satari                         92 of 11-9-1953 14,200

Monte,D'silva,Margao.       etc.                                     Birondem     


268.Viswasrao D.                  Khind don             Iron     Vaguriem   Ditto                             93 of 21-9-1953  8,900

Chowgule, of Vasco            gor &Uro tembo

                da Gama.


269.Motiram Data                 Gudiemola             Fe/Ma  Nirancal    Ponda                         95 of 2-10-1953 12,700

GoundOlcaar, of Margao                                    ng


270.Sociedade Timblo,        Bonquivol             Fe/Ma  Rivona       Sanguem                     96 of 2-10-1953  4,900

(I)Ltda.,of Margao.              Bonquivol             ng



271.Vassudeva M.               Calafondicho        Ditto    Sigao          Ditto                            97 of 2-10-1053  8,600

Salagaocar, of Vasco           soda, etc.



272.Sadassiva Sinai,            Conatto                  Iron     Surla           Bicholim                     98 of 2-10-1953  14,200

                Gaitnodo, of Goa.                                    


273.Rosario Mascarenhas  Jacolichem             Fe/Ma Boma         Ponda                         99 of 9-10-1953   5,900

of Xeivona Quepem.            Battavoril               ng

                                                dongor or



274.Raia Dotusinai               Canvorem              Ditto  Convorem Sanguem                    100 of 9-10-1953   3,200

                Dade Sarvordem.Dongrachem                  of Colom

                                                 advona or                      na





275.Balcrisna Bhairji,           Vagem                    Ditto Siroda           Ponda                        102 of 9-10-1953   4,500

                of Margao.


276.Sripada Voicunda          Godecondichem  Ditto Bordem          Bicholim   104 of 16-10-1953  7,400

                Nqique, of Bicho  mola



277.Sripada Voicunda          Baga e Murvo       Ditto Piligao          Ditto                         105 of 16-10-1953  9,500

                Naique, of Bicho  ou Ditto Bo

                lim.         rga Cudguic

                                                hea, etc.


278.Vishwasrao D.Ch          Ximechi Mu          Iron  Surla              Ditto                        106 of 16-10-1953 12,800

owgule, of Vasco                 ddi Sopandta

                da Gama.


279.Viswasrao D.Ch             Chicuchemmol      Ditto Ditto             Ditto                        107 of 16-10-1953 11,000

                owgule of Vasco   

                da Gama.


280.V.N.Bandekar,                Curadoe                 Fe/    Sancor          Sangu                       108 of 16-10-1953  4,800

                of Panaji.                Potcalem                Mang    dem          em


281.Jose Cosme da               Gavall                     Iron   Pissu             Satari                       110 of 16-10-1953  9,800

                Costa, of Curto                                               rlem



282.Jaganata Gene               Godacho                Fe/Ma Dabolim     Ponda                       111 of 16-10-1953  7,900

                nekar, of Panda.dongor                       ng of siro



283.Ismail bin adul               Santlaunem           Ditto    Sancor       Sang                        112 of 23-10-1953 14,100

                aif,of Goa.                                              dem         uem


284.Firm V.M.Salgeo            Issoreim                 Iron     Melauli      Satari                       115 of 30-10-1953 13,000

                car& Irmao Ltda.,  Vanganavoril

                of Vasco da Gama.dongor.


285.Firm Chowgule &          Bandavoril             Fe/Ma  Vegurb     Ponda                       116 of 30-10-1953  8,900

                Cia Ltda., of         Tueda                   ng               em



286.Xec Cadar Xec                Carva Sorio          Ditto     Vichun     Sange                        120 of 2-11-1953   5,500

                Usman, of Goa      Carva Advona                       drem      uem


287.Sociedade Timblo         Mata of Velqu       Iron      Velguem  Bicho                         121 of 13-11-1953  6,700

                Irmaos Ltda.,of    emcho dongor



288.Vicente Joao Fi              Tercem Moli          Fe/Ma   Quila        Sangu                       123 of 4-12-1953  14,100

                lomeno de sequei                                 ng          pale a       em

                redo, of Loutulim                                                codli 


289.Vicente Joao Fi              Codguicho            Ditto    Quirla        Ditto                        124 of 4-12-1953   14,200

                lomeno de sequei Dongor etc.           pale

                redo, of Loutulim





290.Vicente Joao Fi              Bigsorvo or           Ditto   Cormonem Ditto                        125 of 4-12-1953   14,100

lomeno de sequei                 Bissorvo                                          

                redo, of Loutulim                        



291.Mingoa Sociedade        Caodia Soddo        Iron   Codli           Ditto                        126 of 4-12-1953   14,300

     Mineira Goesa,

     of Goa.


292.Pundolica P.Xete           Gorbate e               Fe/     Salauli          Ditto                         128 of 4-12-1953    6,400

     Narvencar, of                   ter.adj.    Mang



293.Pundolica P.Xete           Ditto                       Ditto  Ditto            Ditto                         128 of 4-12-1953    6,400

    Narvencar Sanguem.


294.Sociedade Timblo         Nos aforam-          Ditto  Madapsi     Ponda                      130 of 18-12-1953   4,500

     Irmao Ltda., of                 entos Parti             of Orgao

     Margao.            culars de




295.Sociedade Timblo         Bibiamordi             Ditto  Vichun-       Sang-                      132 of 18-12-1953  13,600

     Itmao Ltda., of                                                                 drem       uem



296.Sociedade Timblo          Manbea Gudo      Ditto   Verlam        Ditto                       133 of 18-12-1953  14,000

     Irmao Ltda., of                  e Alvantini

     Margao.            mollo


297.Sociedade Timblo         Navetem Don-      Ditto   Salg-           Ditto                       135 of 18-12-1953   9,400

     Irmao Ltda., of                 gor                                      inem   



298.Sociedade Timblo         Chanfea-                Ditto   Verlem        Ditto                       137 of 18-12-1953  14,300

     Irmao Ltda., of                 dongor             



299.Sociedade Timblo         Pigadapada           Ditto   Verlem        Ditto                       138 of 18-12-1953  13,600

     Irmao Ltda., of              of Net-

     Margao.                   orlim.


300.Sociedade Timblo         Murmunem            Ditto   Mela-          Sata-                       139 of 18-12-1953  13,200

     Irmao Ltd., of                                                                   uli             ri



301.Sociedade Timblo    Ghottimolli                  Ditto  Surla            Bich-                        140 of 18-12-1953   6,700

     Irmao Ltd., of                                                                                   olim



302.Firm Oriente Limi-  Soutigundo                   Fe/Ma Nanuz        Bich-                        141 of 18-12-1953   4,200

     tada, of Margao.                              Ng                           olim


303.Baburao Anta                Temculi                  Ditto   Siroda         Ponda                      142 of 18-12-1953   4,400

     Raicar, of                          & Santorem



304.Sociedade Timblo         Sailetembo             Iron    Sangod       Sang-                      143 of 18-12-1953  14,300

     Irmaos Ltda., of                                                                               uem



305.Narahari Siuram             Vacanlitil                Fe/Ma Vacoli        Ponda                     144 of 18-12-1953  12,200

     Shet Narvenkar,               Temculi                  ng        of Ci-

     of Goa.                                                          mada.


306.Vicente Jaso F.              Arvodem               Ditto   Loutu-        Salc-                              1 of 4-1-1954     6,000

     de Figuerodo.                                                                  lim           ete


307.Sucilabal Ananda          Purnicoda              Ditto   Advoi         Satari                             2 of 4-1-1954     5,600

     Keni, of Goa.    & Pevanchem



308.Mingoa Soc.                  Cancagallelu         Iron    Maul-          Bicho-                          3 of 15-1-1954    4,600

     Mineira Goesa,                Tolope Bor-                    inguem          lim

     SARL., of Goa.


309.Mably Saunto                Fdutembo ou        Fe/Ma Bati            Sanguem                     4 of 15-1-1954   12,700

     Gaunco Dessai,               Edumola.                ng

     of Xeldem.


310.Firm V.S.Dempo             Onvalienchi           Ditto   Onval-        Satari                           5 of 22-1-1954   13,900

     & Cia, Ltda., of                 Math.                                    iem



311.Firm Shantilal                 Oxelavoril              Ditto   Naund-       Sanguem                      7 of 1-2-1954     2,500

     Kushaldas &                    dongor                                   em

     Bros., of Margao.


312.Raja Porobo Bati-          Pedadongor          Ditto   Mangal      Quepem                        8 of 5-2-1954     6,200

     car, of Sanguem. 


313.Atchuta Visnum S.        Dovormeacodli    Ditto   Rivona       Sang-                        11 of 16-2-1954   11,200

     Velingcar, of                     doirem e outs.                                          uem



314.Jorge Anibal de             Chanfericho          Ditto   Govanem    Sata-                         12 of 16-2-1954    4,900

     Matos Sequeira,               Advo dongor                        ri

     of Goa.


315.Ramabai Ananta            Moiandega e         Ditto  Curdi           Sang-                          13 of 19-2-1954    4,300

     Avde, of Quepem.           Penota                                                    uem


316.Visnudas Narotem-       Raigodda               Ditto  Ussopa       Bich-                          14 of 19-2-1954   12,800

     des, of Goa.      Ambe                                                     olim




317.Vassudeva Madeva   Caraichem                Ditto  Siroda          Ponda                        15 of 19-2-1954    7,000

     Salaocar, of                      Mol, Afora-      

     Vasco da Gama.               mento do

                                                Mouros e




318.Sociedade Timblo         Edumola Ou          Fe/Ma Rivona        Sang-                         16 of 22-2-1954  13,800

     I.Ltda., of          Visnumgal             ng                             uem



319.Socidade Timblo           Godmadongor       Ditto    Salgi-         Ditto                           17 of 22-2-1954  13,400

     I.Ltda., of          Aram Mordi                          nem



320.Gangadhar Narin-          Ambeacho-           Ditto    Bordem     Bich-                             18 of 1-3-1954    6,700

     gdas Agrawal, of             dongor                                                   olim



321.Roguvir Sinai                 Culnamol               Ditto    Tudou       Sang-                           19 0f 1-3-1954   12,000

     Garco, of                           of Culna.                                                uem



322.Firma V.S.Dempo            Onvaliechem        Iron     Quval-        Sata-                            20 of 5-3-2954   13,000

     & Cia Ltda., of                 Paltona.                                  iem          ri



323.Firm V.S.Dempo             Tolpi e                    Ditto    Cudnem   Bich-                             21 of 5-3-1954    9,400

     & Cia Ltda., of                 Mardando                             e Surla   olim



324.Voicunta Srini-               Borcotem               Fe/Ma  Colem       Sang-                           22 of 5-3-1954   10,000

     vassa Dempo, of                                             ng                           uem



325.Hari Visnum Lot-           Vitalachem             Ditto     Talauli      Ditto                             23 of 8-3-1954    9,700

     lecar, of Margao.             Xetavorchi                  

                                                Maddi e



326.Vassudeva M.               Pedichem               Ditto     Vantem     Sata-                            25 of 19-3-1954   7,500

     Salagaocar, of                  Tour                                                       ri

     of Marmagao.


327.Crispino Rodri-              Dando Caj-            Ditto     Nuguli      Sang-                          27 of 22-3-1953  12,900

     gues, of Sanguem.          umolaoilo                                               uem



328.Firma Shantilal               Ponsivadi-             Ditto     Aglote      Ditto                              28 of 9-4-1954   3,300

     Kushaldas e                     voril,                   

     Irmaos of                          Advona.



329.V.M.Salgaocar               Mardando             Iron      Surla          Bicho-                        29 of 19-4-1954  10,500

     e Irmao, of                                                                                        lim

     Vasco da Gama.


330.Firma Chowgule            Dongrado              Ditto    Nadora      Bard-                          30 of 19-4-1954  11,200

     & Cia Ltda., of                 Goleacho                                               ez

     of Vasco da Gama.          dongor Mata

                                                e Carhal.


331.Viswasrao D.Chow-  Semdenomin-            Fe/Ma   Sancor-    Sang-                           31 of 4-6-1954   12,300

     gule, of Vasco da             acao,                      ng           dem         uem

     Gama.                especial


332.Firma Caxinata D.          Suriagali-               Ditto     Talauli      Ditto                            32 of 23-7-1954   9,300

     Naique Ltda., of               voril            

     of Margao.       Mordi.


333.Gangadhar N.                 Culnamol e            Ditto     Muguli     Ditto                            33 of 6-6-1954   14,100

     Agrawal of                       Outros

     Margao.            terrenos


334.Cateano Jose Hugo   Ambdeabutt-            Ditto     Salauli      Ditto                            35 of 6-9-1954   11,800

     V.Rodrigues, of               iho tembo         

     Sanguem.          or Penchem.


335.Minguel Santana T.      Tambdeamat-        Iron      Carapur     Bicho-                        37 of 15-10-1954  6,700

     de Souza, of                      icho tembo                                           lim

     Sancdcuelim.     or navigal.


336.Firm Damodar Nan-   Baladongor               Fe/Ma   Candea- Ponda                         38 of 18-10-1954 10,300

     galji e Irmoas                                     ng           par

     Ltda., of Goa.


337.Firm Shantilal                 Rameagolli             Iron         Sancor- Sang-                           39 of 22-10-1954  8,000

     Kushaldas &                     talsaie                                    dem e    uem

     & Bros., of                         topiagal                                 Darban

     Margao.                                                                            dora.


338.Firma V.S.Dempo           Sem denomi-         Fe/Ma   Curpem  Ditto                             40 of 22-10-1954  7,300

     & Cia.Ltda., of                  nacao,                   ng

     Goa.                                   especial.


339.Ailiabai Dessai,             Culna Soddo         Iron       Cormo-  Ditto                              41 of 5-11-1954  11,800

     of Goa.                                                                              nem


340.Sociedade Timblo         Caximordid            Fe/Ma    Salgi-      Ditto                           42 of 26-11-1954  7,400

     I.Ltda., of           e Caxidongor        ng           nem



341.Firm S.Kantilal               Doro                       Iron      Nanora      Bich-                           44 of 6-12-1954  13,400

     Cia.& Ltda., of                                                                 de Lat-   olim

     Margao.                                                                            ambar-



342.Bhalchandra A.             Odamolla               Ditto     Sangod    Sang-                          45 of 6-12-1954  12,300

     Avde, of Quepem.                                                                           uem


343.Viswasrao D.                  Chinvor                  Ditto     Pirna         Bardez                        46 of 6-12-1954  14,200

     Chowgule of                    Ghol   

     Vasco da Gama.


344.Vassudeva M.               Calafondi               Ditto     Sigao         Sang-                          47 of 6-12-1954   8,100

     Salgaocar, of                    cho,soddo,                                             uem

     Vasco da Gams.               etc.


345.Salvador Fernan-           Gholl                       Fe/Ma   Curpem    Ditto                           48 of 6-12-1954  11,500

     des, of Sanguem.             Dongor                  ng


346.Vassudeva M.                Moitem                 Iron         Advol     Bich-                            49 of 6-12-1954   8,600

     Salgaocar, of                    Cumarvado  e                                        olim

     Marmagao.       xaimar-



347.Firm Damodar                Amveavelem         Fe/Mang Siurla     Ditto                              1 of 14-1-1955   4,200

     Magalji & Cia.  Boroda

     Ltda., Goa.


348.Vinaeca Naraina            Ocambo                 Ditto       Piliem      Sang-                            2 of 14-1-1955  10,000

     Bandecar, Panaji.                                                             uem


349.Firm V.M.Salga-             Datimola                Ditto       Sanco-    Ditto                             3 of 31-1-1955  13,400

     mcare Irmaos Ltda,                                          rdem

     of Vasco da Gama.


350.Sociedade Marzok & Devachi                     Iron        Darban- Ditto                              4 of 7-2-1955   11,100

     Cadar Ltda., of                 Raim.                                      dora



351.Narandas Popotlal,       Coutem-                 Fe/Ma   Sigonem Ditto                              5 of 11-2-1955   8,800

     of Goa.               dongor                  ng


352.Sociedade Timblo         Mareta ou              Iron         Onda      Satari                             6 of 18-2-1955   3,900

     Irmao Ltda., of                 Marasoddo,                 

     Margao.            etc.


353.Metelo X.Diniz              Mandaadvona      Fe/Ma   Calem     Sang-                             8 of 26-3-1955   5,600

                                                                                ng                           uem


354.Sociedade Mineiro        Maulingtod-          Iron         Maulin-  Bich-                               9 of 2-4-1955    4,800

     Goesa Ltda., of    cho      dongor                                   guem     olim



355.Firma N.B.Kamat           Chanfericho          Fe/Ma    Malpona  Sata-                         10 of 16-4-1955  14,000

     & Filhos Ltda.,                 advo                      ng                                 ri

     of Margao.


356.Abubakar Noor             Sanvri                     Iron         Velguem  Bich-                          12 of 30-4-1955   5,000

     Mohamed (Buda             batacho                                                    olim

     Shet) of Panaji.                sodo.


357.Firma V.M.Sal-               Visnuporba-          Ditto       Sigao e    Sang-                        13 of 30-4-1955  10,100

     gaocar e Irmao                 chem Ariag-                                            uem

     Ltda., of Vasco                all Iron e

     da Gama.           Chondra Vito

                                                ba Dessai.


358.Abubaker Noor             Banastarime          Fe/Ma     Banast-  Ponda                         14 of 14-5-1955   3,200

     Mohamed (Budda           adjacen tes           ng           arim  

     Xete), of Goa.


359.Francisco Xavier           Tollem e                 Ditto        Ambeli   Sata-                          15 of 21-5-1955  14,100

     Patrocinio Fur-                 Cazumodi                                                  ri

     tado, of Benaulim.


360.Vassudeva Guiri            Semdenomin        Iron           Sonus     Ditto                           16 of 18-6-1955   8,200

     Quenim, of Goa.               acao                        Von

                                                especial                  Voliem


361.Lidia Belinda                  Ponsana-               Fe/Ma     Codi       Sang-                          17 of 25-6-1955  14,300

     Simoes, of Goa.                dongor                   ng                           uem


362.Firm V.M.Sal-                 Malpona                Ditto        Malp-    Sata-                            18 of 2-7-1955   12,100

     gaocar, & Irmao               Vanganvoril                           ona         ri

     Ltda., of Vasco                dongor

     da Gama.


363.Sociedade Timblo         Bondumollo          Iron         Molen    Sang-                           19 of 9-7-1955   14,200

     Irmaos Ltd., of                                                 uem



364.Sociedade Timblo         Siroli                       Ditto       Darban  Ditto                             20 of 9-7-1955   14,100

     Irmaos Ltd., of                 Culna                                      dora



365.Socidade Timblo           Ordosoddo            Ditto       Cormo   Ditto                             21 of 9-7-1955   14,000

     Irmaos Ltd., of                                                                 nem E

Margao.                                                                 Codli



366.Sociedade Timblo         Odavoril                 Ditto       Quirla-   Ditto                              22 of 9-7-1955  14,200

     Irmaos Ltd., of    tour                                                      pale


367.Ramacrisna Band-         Unia dongor          Iron         Querim   Ponda                           23 of 9-7-1955  10,300

     ari, of Goa.


368.Caxinata Pandur-           Vellem                    Fe/Ma    Darban-   Sang-                           25 of 9-7-1955   9,900

     onaga Xete                       Poicul                     ng dora       uem

     Parcar, of         e Daisaunto




369.Firma Sesa Goa              Cajumolla,               Fe/Ma   Sancor-   Sang-                           26 of 9-7-1955   6,200

     Ltda., of Goa.   etc.                           ng               dem       uem


370.Firm S.Kantilal               Udolxem e              Ditto       Ditto        Ditto                           28 of 16-7-1955 13,900

     & Cia.Ltda., of                 Madia

     Margao.            vangana


371.Atchutta Vishum           Lacavelem             Ditto       Agllote   Ditto                            29 of 23-7-1955  7,500

     S.Velingcar,      uporgaova-   

     of Velinga.        tta.


372.Quessova Sinai             Zorla ou                 Ditto       Xellpem Ditto                             30 of 30-7-1955  7,100

     Cundo, of                         Zolla           



373.Firma Chowgule            Dangarvado          Iron         Gavan     Sata-                           31 of 30-7-1955  14,100

     & Cia Ltda., of   outroz                                                   em              ri

     Vasco da Gama.


374.Firm Sesa Goa                Semdenom             Fe/Ma    Pirna     Bard-                             32 of 30-6-1955   6,200

     Limiteda, of                      inacao                    ng           Nadora     ez

     Goa.                                   especial


375.Antonio Franc-              Eduando ou          Ditto       Tudou   Sang-                            33 of 6-8-1955   14,200

     isco Sales de                    mad everin                                             uem

     Andrade, of



376.Gajanan Pandu-             Santonachi            Iron         Dabal    Ditto                             34 of 13-8-1955  14,100

     ranga Xete                        Upri Iron



377.Sociedade Timblo         Mauco eato-         Ditto       Pale       Bich-                           35 of 13-8-1955  13,000

     Irmaos Ltd., of                 dichi Nuli                                               olim



378.Sociedade Timblo         Umoriem                Ditto       Surla     Surla                             36 of 13-8-1955   5,100

     Irmaos Ltd., of                  Tican



379.Sociedade Timblo         Kirmolachem         Ditto       Ditto     Bich-                             37 of 13-8-1955   8,700

     Irmaos Ltd., of                                                                                 olim



380.Sociedade Mineira        Millem don-            Ditto      Darbo   Sang-                            38 of 3-9-1955   14,300

     Goesa Ltd., of                  gor                                          nora       uem



381.Sociedade Mineira         Xirvolculna          Ditto        Ditto   Ditto                              39 of 3-9-1955   17,800

     Goesa Ltd., of      



382.V.M.Salgaoncar e          Quella                     Ditto       Tivim  Bard-                              41 of 5-11-1955  11,000

     Irmaos Ltda.,                                                                                    ez

     Vasco da Gama.


383.Caetano F.Cipri-            Deulacodil             Fe/Ma    Niran- Ponda                              1 of 18-1-1956  14,000

     anode, Souza of               tour                         ng           cal



384.Eurico da Silva               Bicholicho             Iron         Mahe  Bich-                               2 of 18-1-1956  14,100

     de Ataide e                       Choll                                       m        olim

     Teive de Nor-

     onha, of Porvo



385.Firm V.M.Salga-             Goteacho               Fe/Ma    Malpo  Satari                               3 of 1-2-1956   14,300

     oncar, Irmaos                   tembo                     ng           na

     Ltda., of Vasco                ougoteacho

     da Gama.           molli


386.Shantilal Khushal          Baburli                   Ditto    Cormo   Sang-                                 4 of 1-2-1956   14,300

     das and Bros.of   s          odo                                         nem        uem



387.S.Kantilal $ Cia.             Niulitembo             Iron         Bati,     Sang-                                5 of 8-2-1956   14,300

     Ltda., of Margao.            Fatratembo                            Valcem   uem


388.Marcos Marcelino        Gogol                     Fe/Ma    Usgao  Bich-                               7 of 21-3-1956  14,000 Souza, of                                                  ng                       olim



389.Badrudin Hussen-         Coro Pimpla           Iron         Bord    Ditto                                8 of 28-3-1956   3,200

     bhai, Ramjee, of               codil Borod                           em

     Goa.                                   etc.


390.Shantilal Kushal-           Aforamento           Fe/Ma    Arval  Ditto                                 9 of 28-3-1956  10,600

     das Bros., of                     de Burculo             ng           em

     Margao.             Sounsar.


391.Gopinata Sinai               Gauntona ou         Ditto       Molco Quep-                            11 of 11-4-1956  13,500

     Garco, of          Undorna                                 rnem    em

     Agacalm.          cormal, etc.


392.Maria Anamalia             Mida                       Ditto       Naiqu     Sang-                           12 of 11-4-1956   7,500

     V.B.Mascarenhas                                                            inim          uem

     Baganza, of



393.Jaising Magana-            Derguna                 Ditto       Vagurim Sata-                           14 of 11-4-1956   6,500

     lal, of Goa.                                                                        ri


394.Marzook Cadar              Borgalle                 Ditto       Colomba Sang-                         18 of 18-4-1956  12,600

     Ltda., of Margao.                                                                            uem


395.Sociedade Lith-             Deugoti-                ron          Sangod    Ditto                         19 of 18-4-1956  12,100

     oferro, Ltda.,                    molavoril

     of Mapusa.       ongor.


396.Hirabai Hegde,               Bencre                    Fe/          Cumbari  Ditto                           20 of 25-4-1956   7,600

     of Margao.       Dando                    Mang


397.Roguvir Naraina            Paicachi                 Ditto        Maina     Quep-                          21 of 2-5-1956    8,600

     Lotle ecar, of                    Zor, etc.                                                    em



398.Roguvir Naraina             Xeme-Vain            Ditto       Gangem    Sata-                          22 of 2-5-1956   13,900

     Lotle ecar, of                    anchea                                                       ri

     Margao.            dongor.


399.Roguvir Naraina            Lalbag ou              Ditto       Carapur   Bich-                           23 of 2-5-1956    3,600

     Lotle ecar, of                    Maticho                                                   olim

     Margao.            Zaga.


400.Badrudin Hussen-         Evalem                   Ditto       Costi       Sang-                          24 of 16-5-1956  13,000

     bhai, Ramjee of                Deulamol                                               uem



401.Sheik Kadar Sheik         Carpadegga,          Ditto       Codli       Ditto                           25 of 16-5-1956   5,800

     Husman, of Goa.              etc.


402.Pedro Nolasco D.          Vis a Vis de           Iron         Colem    Ditto                            27 of 27-6-1956   8,900

     Souza, of Vasco               estacao de

     da Gama.           ferro


403.S.Kantilal &                    Vilipiares                Ditto       Bati         Ditto                         29Aof 22-8-1956  14,100

     Cia.Ltda., of      



404.S.Kantilal &                    Gonsumoddi         Iron         Bati         Sang-                          30 of 22-8-1956  12,100

     Cia.Ltda., of                                                                                      uem



405.Vinaeca Naique,             Madiencho           Ditto       Saigao    Ditto                           31 of 22-8-1956  14,100

     of Margao.       Soddo


406.Damodar Mangalji        Quitamotta,           Ditto       Arvalem Bich-                           33 of 22-8-1956  14,000

     & Cia.Ltda., of   etc.                                                        olim



407.Damodar Mangalji         Dob e adja-           Ditto       Saigao    Sang-                           34 of 22-8-1956   7,500

     & Cia.Ltda., of                 centes                                                    uem



408.S.Kantilal &                    Bamannul-             Ditto       Talauli   Ditto                            36 of 22-8-1956  14,000

     Cia.Ltd.,            cadem, e                 Cumbari

     of Margao.       outres                                     e Bati




409.Vassudeva Madeva   Aglotesoddo           Ditto        Aglote  Ditto                            38 of 17-10-1956  4,300

     Salaocar of

     Vasco da Gama.


410.V.M.Sangaocar &         Malpona Cul-        Ditto       Malpo    Sata-                           39 of 17-10-1956  7,700

     Bros.Pvt.Ltd.    navoril                                    na            ri



411.Firm V.M.Sal-                 Gainvadd               Ditto       Aglote    Sang-                        40 of 17-10-1956 13,500

     gaocar I Ltda.,                  dongor                                                    uem

     of Vasco da Gama.


412.Chowgule & Cia.           Cuntichem             Ditto        Pono       Sata-                          41 of 24-10-1956  9,900

     Ltda., of                            Tollem                                     cem          ri



413.Roguvir Sinai                 Carcareat-              Fe/Ma    Tudoru    Sang-                       42 of 24-10-1956 11,200

     Garco, of Margao.           emba.                      ng                            uem


414.Joao Hugo Eduardo       Tolpavaddo,        Iron         Darban-  Ditto                          43 of 31-10-1956 14,300

     Sequeira, of Goa                etc.                                        dora.


415.Firm V.M.Salga-             Surlavain               Ditto       Aglote    Ditto                           44 of 7-11-1956  13,300

     ocar, e Irmaos                  ganacho                     

     of Vasco da Gama.          Vandivoril


416.Avelino Francisco        Purna e                   Ditto       Costi e   Ditto                          45 of 12-12-1956 14,300

     Fernandes, of Cur-          Gogoll                    Canangui

     chorem.                                             nim.


417.Damodar Mangalji        Vaguna                  Iron         Dabal     Sang-                          46 of 12-12-1956  9,200

     & Cia.Ltd., of    Kuddo                                                                   uem



418.Prakash Rajaram             Moliem Mana-     Fe/Ma    Corlim    Goa                             48 of 19-12-1956 10,200

     Hede, of Goa.                   ddo          ng          


419.Firm S.Kantilal               Kariamola,              Iron        Bati         Sang-                         49 of 19-12-1956 12,100

     & Cia.Ltda., of                 etc.                                          uem



420.Jorge Anibal de             Gorbatta                 Fe/Ma    Maina     Quep-                        50 of 19-12-1956  9,100

     Matos Sequeira               Matti-                     ng                            em

     of Goa.              deviculna.



421.Martinho Coutin-          Ubeafatricho         Fe/Ma    Pirla e   Quep-                               1 of 2-1-1957   9,200

     ho, Cuncollim.  dongor                   ng           Maina      em


422.Roguvir S.Garco            Zamblimoll-           Iron         Muguli  Sang-                              2 of 16-1-1957 13,000

     of Margao.       acho, Soddo                                          uem



423.R.S.Garco, of                   Anvaliamola,        Ditto       Patiem Ditto                                 3 of 28-1-1957 14,300

     Margao                             etc.                                          e Tudou


424.Naraina R.X.  Oileamola-             Ditto       Velgu   Sata-                                  5 of 6-2-1957  12,400

     Amoncar, of Goa             voril Soddo                           em           ri

     (Seguna Sitaram

     Sirasat Legal



425.Atchuta Visnum            Purso Boto            Fe/Mang  Rivo   Sang-                                  6 of 6-2-1957  2,900

     Sinai Velingcar,                 e Predia                                   na          uem

     of Velinga.        voril Moddi


426.Abdul Aziz                     Xelpem e                Ditto       Xelpem Ditto                                7 of 13-2-1957 12,800

     Mohomed Jalal,               Adjacents                           

     of Goa.


427.Jose Maximiano             Sem denom-          Ditto       Marna   Bardez                            8 of 27-2-1957 13,900

     S.O.Menezes                    inacao                                    Assagao,

     Cota, of Agacaim            especial                                  Cuchelim 

                                                                                e Mapusa.


428.Shaik, Ajyula, of            Oiteiro                    Iron         Cando    Ponda                          10 of 25-3-1957 13,600

     Sanguem.          Matir, etc.                              la


429.Firm Damodar Man-   Periudoc e                Ditto       Santona  Sang-                          11 of 29-4-1957  9,300

     galji & Cia.,                       Masticulna-                                           uem

     Ltda., of Goa.   chem, Advona.


430.Firm Chowgule &          Bozruguro,            Ditto       Costi     Ditto                               12 of 29-4-1957  2,900

     Cia.Ltda, of                       predio                                      Dudal

     Mormugao.     Pantovoril

                                                vall, etc.


431.Sociedada Timblo         Carela e                  Fe/Ma    Xelpem Ditto                                13 of 6-5-1957 10,000

     Irmos Ltda., of                 Dandia                  ng 

     Margao.            dongor


432.Francisco Cecilio           Dolicho                  Ditto       Aturli e  Bich-                              14 of 6-5-1957 10,000

     Jorge Sequira, of             dongor e                                Naroa     olim

     Goa.                                   ter.adjts


433.Joaquim Antonio          Moticho                 Ditto       Nanzu     Ditto                            18 of 13-5-1957 14,900

     Maria Baptista                 Dongor                                  Ganguem

     of Silva.


434.Sociedade Timblo         Davoscora-           Iron         Carapur   Ditto                         18A of 20-5-1957  8,300

     Irmos Ltda., of                 molo, Vaddo



435.Francisco Cecilio,          Predio                     Ditto       Pale         Ditto                           19 of 20-5-1957 14,300

     Jorge Sequejra,                Ambexim            

     of Goa.


436.Sociedade Timblo         Oiterio                    Ditto       Quirla-   Sang-                            20 of 20-5-1957 14,300

     Irmaos Ltda., of                Fanascan-                             pale         uem

     Margao.            tem e Mas

                                                galicho soddo.


437.Sociedade Timblo         Suriagal                  Fe/Ma   Bati         Sang-                            21 of 20-5-1957  8,500

     Irmaos Ltda., of               Murdi                   ng                             uem



438.Sociedade Timblo         Cancamolla            Ditto       Rivona   Ditto                             22 of 20-5-1957  3,900

     Irmaos Ltda., of               e Halditembo                      



439.Krishna Vamona,           Don ou Dudo        Ditto       Nanora   Bich-                             23 of 20-5-1957  4,000

     Keni, of Goa.    nem e Polpi                                            olim

                                                entre si



440.Ramacanta Visnum    Corpadega,               Iron         Darban-  Sang-                            24 of 3-6-1957   8,600

     Sinai Velingcar,                Valuco                    dora        uem

     of Velinga.        predio

                                                parna, etc.


441.Viswasrao Dataji           Conquichem          Fe/Mang Piocul e Sata-                             25 of 3-6-1957  10,800

     Chowgule, of                   Ran                         Darbon-                  ri

     Marmagoa.                                       ora.Sang-



442.Firm Chowgule &     Bimbol Don-               Iron         Xelopo   Sata-                             26 of 3-6-1957  14,300

     Cia.Ltda., of                      gor e ter                 Curado                   ri

     Marmagoa.       adjits.


443.Mussa Xeque Usman,Dudagal                   Ditto       Colem    Sang-                             27 of 3-6-1957  12,000

     of Goa.              culna, etc.                                              uem.


444.Santana Fernandes,      Soddo                    Ditto       Curtorim Salc-                             28 of 1-7-1957  14,300

     of Margao.                                                                        ete


445.S.Kantilal &                    Carimol                   Ditto       Cumbari  Sang-                          31 of 12-8-1957 14,100

     Cia.Ltda., of                      Charidimol                             uem



446.S.Kantilal &                    Madanrica             Ditto       Bati         Ditto                            32 of 12-8-1957 16,700

     Cia.Ltda., of



447.Roguvir Sinai                 Tolem Bibla,          Ditto     Rudou      Ditto                            33 of 12-8-1957 13,800

     Garco, of S.       etc.         



448.Firm Shantilal                 Iranqui                   Ditto     Potrem      Ditto                            34 of 26-8-1957  7,600

     Kushaldas and

     Bros., of




449.Ghanaxama Nara-          Tacaoilo                 Ditto     Pissur-      Sata-                             37 of 9-9-1957   5,500

     her, Thaker,                      dongor                                   lem          ri

     Panaji-Goa.                       e Onda


450.Firm Chowgule              Peguaca-                Ditto     Tudou      Sang-                           40 of16-9-1957  11,500

     & Cia.Ltda.,                      Juncho                                   uem

     of Margagoa.    Tembo


451.Firm Chowgule              Moransoddo         Ditto     Ditto         Ditto                            42 of 16-9-1957 13,100

     & Cia.Ltda.,                      Motto



452.Shri D.B.         Goteacodlo            Fe/Ma   Codqui   Sata-                            43 of 30-9-1957 13,600

     Bandodkar,                       Cud.etc. ng                           ri

     of Panaji.


453.Firm Damodar                Madapor,               Iron         Oragao   Ponda                          44 of 14-10-1957 6,000

     Mangalji &                       Moson, etc.

     Cia.(I) Ltda.,

     of Goa.



454.Firm Damodar                Sancodecho          Fe/          Cormo    Sang-                      45 of 14-10-1957 13,500

     Mangalji & Cia                Dando, etc.            Mang     nem         uem

     (I) Ltda., of



455.Hori P.Curch-                 Chafer, etc.            Iron         Querim   Ponda                        47 of 14-10-1957 10,700

     orcar, of Goa.           


456.Hori P.Curch-                 Canfendon-           Fe/Ma    Niraba-  Sang-                         48 of 14-10-1957 13,700

     orcar, of Goa.   gor, etc.                  ng           ga            uem


457.S.Kantilal &                    Kalledongor          Ditto       Dongor                  Ditto                          50 of 14-10-1957 13,900

     Cia Ltda., of



458.Roguvir Sinai                 Cairik, Col-             Iron         Bordem Bich-                           59 of  9-12-1957 13,900

     Garco, of          leanchemped,                                        lim

     Agacaim.          etc.


459.Tilu Madeva Xete         Godeasoddo e       Ditto      Calem     Sang-                         60 of 16-12-1957 10,600

     Parcar of Ponda.              outros                                                    uem


460.Tito Trinidade P.           Dapotcachem        Fe/Ma    Curdi      Ditto                          61 of 23-12-1957 14,300

     Moraes, of                                                        ng



461.Francisco C.   Baucui Conn-        Iron         Maem     Bich-                          62 of 25-12-1957 12,700

     Jorge Sequeria,                an, Dongor,                                           olim.

     of                                       Goaetc.


462.Francisco C.   Vainguinim            Ditto       Vain        Ditto                          63 of 25-12-1957 14,000

     Jorge Sequeria,                dongor e                                gu- inim

     of Goa.              outros     


463.Vicente Fernan-             Talichem                Ditto     Davem      Sata-                              1 of 6-1-1958  14,300

     des, of Merces.                Molle                                                      ri



464.Joao Jugo Eduardo       Dangarvaddo        Ditto     Ditto         Ditto                              2 of 13-1-1958 13,000

     Sequeira, of Goa.             Suragunchi   


465.Joao Hugo Eduardo      Uro Dongor e        Ditto     Sanvor-    Ditto                              3 of 13-1-1958 13,900

     Sequeira, of Goa.             adjacentes                             dem


466.Sociedade Marzook      Nirancarichi           Ditto     Sonal        Ditto                              4 of 13-1-1958 14,300

     & Cadar Ltda., of 

     Vasco da Gama.


467.Caetona Francisco        Vagler e                  Ditto     Colem       Sanguem                       7 of 20-1-1958 13,800 Souza, of                  outros        



468.Venctexa Ananta P.      Cantor e                  Ditto    Verem       Ponda                            8 of 20-1-1958 14,300

     Raicar, of Verem.             Cantoril,



469.Nilconta Jaganata         Sem deno-             Ditto     Davem      Sata-                             10 of 3-2-1958  14,300

     Coulecar, of Goa.             minaco                                                    ri



470.Sitarama Atmarama       Karidongor e         Fe/Ma   Begalim   Pernem                        12 of 10-2-1958 14,300

     Naique, of Mapusa.        outros                    ng


471.Shantaram, S. Hoticho                  Iron         Ladpem  Bich-                            13 of 24-2-1958 14,100

     Samat, of Panaji.              ondeavoril                                             olim



472.Sociedade Timblo         Gaoteona e            Ditto       Codil       Sang-                            14 of 24-2-1958  5,900

     Irmaos Ltda., of               Dusri fall                                                uem




473.Firma Damodar M.        Masticule             Iron         Santona Sang-                            15 of 3-3-1958  13,200

     (India) Ltda.,                    of  nachem                             uem

     Goa.                                    Advona.


474.Abdul Rajak,                  Pongrea                 Fe/          Calm       Ditto                            16 of 10-3-1958 14,300

     Panaji.                                Holdim                  Mang


475.Tomas Caetano             Godecoe e             Ditto       Ela           goa                              17 of 24-3-1958 13,800

     de Sousa, of                      tar adjts            




476.Sripad P.Dhungh           Capila Gaech-        Iron         Arvlem  Bich-                              18 of 9-5-1958  14,300

     at, of Margao.  em, Guedd.                                            olim.


477.Vivian Coutinho             Marsode achem   Ditto       Sons       Satari                            19 of 16-6-1958  9,600

     of Margao.        Pal sona                                Vono



478.Ramakrisna Band-         Unia dongor e       Ditto       Querim  Ponda                          21 of 13-6-1958 14,300

     ari, of Goa.        adjacentes


479.Dorotia E.E.    Magititem b          Ditto       Ditto       Ditto                            22 of 13-6-1958 14,300

     Aldemira, Pereira              Mati tidongor

     of Diwar.


480.Raguvir Xamba              Todguevoril          Fe/Ma   Navelim   Bich-                            23 of 13-6-2958 14,200

     Naique of Mapusa.         Mordi                    ng                            olim


481.Viruparapa Bas-             Botvadi e               Iron         Maem    Ditto                            24 of 13-6-1958 14,300

     appa, of Margao.             Vorvedeac          



482.Shantilal Kushal-           Aralimolacho        Ditto       Canang- Quepem                      27 of 21-7-1958 14,300

     das, & Bros.of                 Tembo                   uinim.



483.Adolfo Patroci-              Batimola e              Ditto       Bati         Sang-                           28 of 28-7-1958 12,300

     nio, E.Gomes of               Zemblisodo                                           uem



484.Heramba Ragoba           Calguinicho           Fe/Ma   Pale         Bich-                             30 of 28-7-1958  6,400

     Dolvi, of pale.  Canno                   ng                             olim


485.Babol Saunlo                 Choromoll e           Iron         Bati         Sang-                            31 of 28-7-1958  6,000

     Naique Tari,                     adjacentes                                             uem

     of Sanguem.


486.Firm Shantilal                  Page mol e            Ditto       Ugem e  Ditto                              33 of 11-8-1958  1,000

     Kushaldas & Bros.         Saunri-Moll                           Cotarli

     of Margao.


487.Daiananda B.Ban-         Sorvoi e Am-         Fe/          Boma      Ponda                          34 of 11-8-1958 14,300

     dorcar, of Goa. bleanchem Moll    Mang


488.Daiananda B.Ban-         Dolcachem            Iron         Mulgao  Bich-                            35 of 11-8-1958 13,000

     dorcar, of Goa. Tolop                                                     olim.


489.Firm V.M.Salga-             Foliadon-               Ditto        Morlem Satari                           36 of 11-8-1958 14,100

     ocar, e Irmaos                  dongor

     Ltda.,  of Vasco

     da Gama.


490.Firm V.M.Salga-             Unio de                  Ditto       Molem   Sang-                           37 of 11-8-1958 14,000

     ocar, e Irmaos                  Zamboli                                  uem

     Ltda., of Vasco

     da Gama.


491.Firm Sesa Goa                Toleachi                  Iron        Arvelem Bich-                            38 of 11-8-1958 14,300

     Ltda., of Goa.   add, etc.                                                 olim


492.Firm Sesa Goa                Ambaeculna          Ditto       Santona  Sang-                          39 of 11-8-1958 13,200

     Ltda., of Goa.                                                                   uem


493.Vassudeva M.               Kalasco-                Ditto       Latam     Bich-                            40 of 11-8-1958 14,200

     Salgaocar, of                    ndichem, etc.         bar-cem olim

     Vasco da Gama.                                               e Sataro



494.Vassudeva M.               Durgea pan ou      Fe/Ma    Curpem  Sang-                           41 of 29-8-1958 10,300

     Salgaocar, of                    Durgaso                ng           uem

     Vasco da Gama.


495.Vassudeva M.               Padispo-nnos       Iron         Sancor    Ditto                            42 of 29-8-1958 14,300

     Salgaocar, of                    Taria-Voilem,                         dem          

     Vasco da Gama.               etc.


496.Vassudeva M.               Coirim olav-           Ditto       Sigao     Ditto                             43 of 29-8-1958  8,300

     Salgaocar, of                    oril, advena  

     Vasco da Gama.


497.Vassudeva N.                Cotgui nem,           Ditto       Melauli   Sata-                            44 of 29-8-1958 13,500

     Salgaocar, of                    va guriem e                                             ri

     Vasco da Gama.               Deusuam    


498.Vassudeva M.               Agapuri xeta         Fe/Ma    Amona   Bich-                             45 of 29-8-1958  5,000

     Salgaocar, of                                                    ng                           olim

     Vasco da Gama.


499.Firm V.M.Sal-                 Gulapa slacho       Iron         Melauli  Sata-                             46 of 29-8-1958 14,200

     gaocar, e Irmaos              temb, etc.                                               ri

     Ltda., of Vasco

     da Gama.


500.Caxinata Deu                  Cormola chem       Ditto       Cudnem Bich-                            48 of 29-8-1958 14,000

     Saunto Talaulicar,           Moll e Anio                                           olim

     of Ponda.          temb.


501.Firm V.M.Sal-                 Xedichem              Fe/Ma     Porie m  Sata-                            47 of 29-8-1958 13,600

     gaocar e Irmaos               Advona                 ng           e podo      ri

     Ltda., of Vasco                                                                ce  m.

     da Gama.


502.Firm S.Kantilal               Paicatem-bo          Iron         Bati         Sang-                            49 of 12-9-1958  4,300

     Cia.Ltda., of       e adjacentes                                         uem



503.Mohanlal S.Rege.          Cotuevade             Ditto       Colam    Ditto                              50 of 12-9-1958  4,800

     of Quepem.       achi tembo                


504.Firm Chowgule              Patea oilo               Ditto       Ambeli   Sata-                            51 of 29-9-1958 14,300

     and Cia.Ltda.,                   tembo, Co                                              ri

     of Marmagoa. rldongrac hem

                                                Palso na e



505.Firm Chowgule              Sastachoa dvo      Iron         Navelim  Bich-                           52 of 22-9-1958 13,000

     and Cia.Ltda.,                   o ter adjts.                             Amona.olim

     of Marmagoa.


506.Firm Chowgule              Godemsod-ddo     Ditto       Sigao      Sang-                           53 of 22-9-1958 11,300

     and Cia.Ltda.,                    eter adjts.              Colem     uem

     of Marmagoa.


507.Ismail Bin Abdul           Camarali e              Ditto       Codar    Ponda                           55 of 22-9-1958  4,600

     Latif, of Goa.    adjacentes                    


508.Rodolfo Gomes, of        Tatode, Devi         Ditto       Darban   Sang-                           59 of 29-9-1958 12,500

     of Margao.       chi Rain,                dora        uem



509.Mineria Prometedo-      Bonquitem ba       Ditto       Vichun-  Ditto                          66 of 17-10-1958 14,200

     ra Ltda., of                                                                        drem



510.Vassudeva P.P.Vel-       Madtudad e          Ditto       Nirancal Ponda                         67 of 17-10-1958  5,100

     guencar, of                       ter, adjts         



511.Firm Chowgule &          Godamsod-do       Ditto       Sigao      Sang-                          70 of 24-11-1958  8,700

     Cia.Ltda., of     Goule vadd,                                           uem

     Marmagoa.       etc.


512.Firm Chowgule and       Deunacho              Ditto       Sanvor-  Sata-                           71 of 28-11-1958  8,200

     Cia.Ltda., of     Dongor e                               dem         ri

     Marmagoa.                       Adjts.


513.Firm Chowgule and       Aldonaveddi e      Ditto       Maem    Bich-                           73 of 28-11-1958 14,300

     Cia.Ltda., of     ter adjts.                                 olim



514.Gangadhar Narsing-     Sem deno               Ditto       Navelim  Ditto                          74 of 28-11-1958 14,100

     Agrawal, of Mar-              Minacao 

     gao.                                   especial


515.Jaganata Ganecar,         Cupadongor          Ditto       Sancor-  Sang-                         75 of 22-12-1958 14,000

     of Goa.              adam tembo,                          dem         uem



516.Firm Shantilal                 Novelim dar e        Fe/          Arvalem Bich-                           76 of 26-12-1958  5,500

     Kushaldas & Bros.         ter adjts.                Mang                     olim

     of Margao.


517.Vassudeva Pandu-        Morancho             Iron         Sarvona  Ditto                             1 of  9-3-1959  11,000

     ronga Velguencar,           tembo                   

      of Curchorem.


518.Ramakanta Rajarama Datachem Fatr          Fe/          Sangor-  Satari                             3 of 23-3-1959   8,500

     Pangunicar, of                 imola, etc.              Mang     dem



519.D.Maria Georgina          Loban Molo           Iron        Poriem   Ditto                               4 of 6-4-1959   12,500

     Correia M.e.Lopes

     of Goa.


520.Rama Nilu Naique         Bindimo la e          Mang     Betqui   Ponda                             5 of 27-4-1959   7,700

     of Carambolim. ter adjts.


521.Pundolica Poi                 Ondolo e                Iron         Darb-      Sang-                              7 of 9-5-1959    4,100

     Vernencar of                    terrenos                                 andora    uem

     Nerces (c/o                       adjts.

     Manibai P.



522.Sripada Gopinata           Marvan dega        Ditto       Ditto       Ditto                              8 of 9-5-1959   12,900

     Carco of Margao.            e ter adjts.


523.Xembu Govinda            Vatoli Mordi          Fe/          Curdi      Sang-                           11 of 9-5-19959   3,400

     Sinai, Cuvelcar,   etc.                                      Mang     uem

     of Goa.


524.Ranum Dottu P.             Damonehemcho  Iron         Damoc    Sata-                            14 of 9-5-1959   10,300

     Loundo, of Goa.              advo e ter adj.       Em           ri



525.Ranum Dottu P.             Santone soddo     Ditto       Advoi    Ditto                            15 of 9-5-1959   10,100

     Loundo, of Goa.              e ter adjts.              Paddoli


526.Firm Damodar Man-  Cott e ter                   Iron         Betqui    Ponda                           16 of 9-5-1959    9,600

     galji & Cia.        adjts.                  

     Ltda., of Goa.


527.Jaganata C.Port             Gantcarach            Ditto       Bordem  Bich-                             17 of 9-5-1959    7,200

     abo Mambro, of               dongor                                                   olim



528.Xarachandra J.               Querem Kapr-       Mang                     Chorao   Goa                               18 of 9-5-1959    6,200

     Zarapcar of                       eacho, Tan

     Mapusa.           Deugui.


529.Panduronga Sinai          Mortimolavo-        Iron         Conqui-  Sata-                            21 of 9-5-1959   12,500

     Garco of Margao.            ril, soddo e           rem           ri

                                                 teri adjacentes.


530.Tulxides Madeva          Deugotimola,        Ditto       Mauling- Sang-                         22 of 8-6-1959   11,700

     Xete Deulcar of               Pilagal,                                   uem           uem

     Calem.               Gogala etc.


531.Vinaeca Naique, of        Carada, Bindi-       Ditto       Codar    Ponda                          24 of 8-6-1959   13,400

     Margao.             temba etc.


532.Antoni F.        Margalicho            Ditto       Calam    Sang-                           29 of 29-6-1959  14,300

     Querino Gomes                soddo etc.                                             uem

     of Cavellossim.


533.Narahari Siurama           Era Vengana-        Fe/          Molcor   Quepem                      30 of 29-6-1959 11,500

     X.Narvencar of                 voril Mordi           Mang



534.Narahari Siurama           Ambeadeoc e        Iron         Santona  Sang-                          31 of 29-6-1959 13,000

     X.Narvencar of                out ross                                 Rumbrem  uem

     Goa.                                   ter adj.


535.Sripada A.S.Sanvo        Tolichem                Ditto       Bandoli  Ditto                            33 of 29-6-1959 10,400

     Sanvordencar of              advona e               Codli

     Curchorem.       ter adjts. 


536.Joaquim Milagres          Cott e parte           Ditto       Priol        Ponda                          35 of 39-6-1959 14,300

     Piedade Dias of               de Chinchecho             

     Goa.                                   Soddo etc.


537.Mucunda Saruz S.         Butermola              Ditto       Curdi      Sang-                           36 of 29-6-1959 13,800

     Saleicar of        Antre mola                                            uem

     Sanguem.          Dudemol etc.          


538.Firm V.S.Dempo             Rajabaga e             Fe/          Canang- Cana-                           37 of 29-6-1959 14,300

     Cia.Ltda., of     ter renos                Mang     uin im     cona

     Goa.                                   adjacentes             (Cola)


539.Shantilal Kush-              Duriamodi e           Ditto       Antoriem Sang-                         38 of 29-6-1959 11,000

     aldas & Bros.   terrenos                                                    uem

     Ltd., of Margao.              adjacentes 


540.Sociedade Mineira        Cargal Tervo-        Ditto        Muguli   Ditto                           43 of 31-8-1959 14,300

     Explora dora                     le, Santona-

     of Sanguem.     morbi, etc.


541.Narahari Siurama           Mata Nacion-        Ditto       Curdi      Ditto                            44 of 31-8-1959 14,300

     X.Narvencar of                al, Talsai,  

     Goa.                                    etc.


542.Firm Mineira                   Pedicho soddo     Iron        Boma e   Ponda                          47 of 21-9-1959 10,500

     Nacional Ltda.,                e Bomachem                          Cunooliem

     of Margao.       Vadio Soddo


543.Xec Ayub of                  Vagulped ou          Ditto      Curdi      Sang-                            49 of 21-9-1959  3,100

     Sanguem                            Vaguemor di                         uem

                                                e ter adj.


544.Bascora Saguna             Fofande,               Fe/          Massor-  Sata-                            50 of 21-9-1959  9,300

     Corpe of Valpoi.              Cuzreacho             Mang                       ri

                                                tembo Zori             dem

                                                oilo dongor

                                                e ter adjts.


545.Caximo Can Moraji         Pondichi Mat       Iron       Anmona  Bich-                             52 of 21-9-1959  7,100

     can o f Margao                e golxi Dhat,                                          olem



546.Manoharlal                     Oiteiro Tolto         Ditto       Att.Es-  Goa                                54 of 21-9-1959  4,600

     Damodar of Goa.             e adjacentes                          tavan


547.Sociedade Litho-           Camanchem           Ditto       Pissusur- Sata-                          57 of 27-9-1959 14,300

     ferro, Ltda., of                  tembo e ter                            lem            ri

     of Mapusa.       adjts.


548.Sociedade  Litho-          Matiecho don-      Ditto       Mololem  Sang-                         58 of 27-9-1959 14,300

     ferro, Ltda., of                  gpr e ter                                                    uem

     Mapusa.           adjts.      


549.Ramcrisna Dattu            Karut Umola          Ditto       Cudnem e  Bich-                        59 of 27-9-1959 14,200

     Porab Loundo of             Panorcem                               e Navelim  olim

     Panaji.                               Anio temb,                 



550.Firm S.Kantilal               Poini Salauli          Ditto       Selail-     Sang-                           62 of 28-9-1959 12,500

     & Cia.Ltda., of                   e ter adjace-                         auli         uem

      Margao                            ntes                  


551.Firm Sesa Goa                Santona Vadi        Ditto       Santona   Ditto                          64 of 28-9-1959 14,100

     Ltda., of Goa.   Soddo e ter                       



552.Sociedade S. Dignem Soddo   Ditto       Curdi      Ditto                           65 of 28-9-1959 13,900

     Kantilal & Cia. e ter adjts.                      

     Ltds., of Margao.


553.Firm S.Kantilal               Gogol e Galli          Ditto       Cumbari  Ditto                            68 of 28-9-1959  3,300

     Ltda., of Margao.            sorod


554.Mohanlal Vassude-      Govindachi            Ditto       Fatorpa   Quep-                         70 of 28-9-1959 14,300

     va, Salgaocar, of              Gatti e ter                                                em

     Vasco da Gama.               adjts.


555.Lidia Bolinda                  Edumolavoril         Fe/          Netorlim Sang-                           71 of 28-9-1959  5,700

     Simoes, of Goa.                dongri ou can       Mang     uem



556.Manohar Sinai                Sem denomina-  Iron           Colomba  Ditto                          72 of 28-9-1959 14,300

     Quirtonim, of                    cao especial   



557.Xarachandra                  Bomacanto Dob  Mang       Molauli   Sata-                            73 of 28-9-1959  7,400

     Janaradna                         e Matarimoli                          e Agolte  ri,

     Zarapoar, of                     Deuguimol                                              Sang-

     Mapusa.                                                                            uem.


558.Lidia Belinda                  Devabaga e            Iron        Caurem   Quepem                      74 of 28-9-1959 11,900

     Simoes, of Goa.                ter adjts.


559.Rauji Raia                       Simeacha Mol-       Ditto      Guleli      Sata-                            76 of 7-10-1959 11,000

     Quirtonim, of                    avoril, dongor                                       ri

     Goa.                                   etc.


560.Lidia Belinda                  Musfodavoril         Fe/         Maina     Quep-                        77 of 13-10-1959 13,600

     Simoes, of Goa.                Mordi e ter           Mang                        em



561.Firm Sesa Goa                Casulem Casul-     Ditto       Sancor-  Sang-                          78 of 13-10-1959  9,300

     Ltda., of Goa.   eancho, Condo                     dem         uem



562.Firm Sesa Goa                Vagocho dongor  Iron        Xelopa   Sata-                            79 of 7-10-1959 14,200

     Ltda., of Goa.   Marseanglacho                     ri



563.Jaising Maganlal,          Careamol                Ditto       Pirla         Quep-                       80 of 16-11-1959 14,200

     Panaji.                                                                                 em


564.Naracinva Pursh-          Coladon-                Fe/          Piliem      Sang-                         81 of 16-11-1959 10,400

     ottam,Suquercar,  gor                                     Mang                     uem

     of Margao.


565.Loximona Porobo'         Doro ou                 Iron         Cuncol-  Ponda                        82 of 30-11-1959 13,200

     Concar, of        Camprempeda.                                       iem.



566.Vassudeva Madeva      Arunem e                Mang     Poriem e Sata-                         83 of 14-12-1959 12,100

     Salgaocar, of                    Vandimal-                               Moriem    ri

     Vasco da Gama.               xeucar


567.Krisna Vamona              Vissanvarshi          Fe/         Cuxirem   Ditto                          84 of 14-12-1959  6,700

     Keni, of Goa.    Dhat etc.          Mang


568.Loximona Concar,         Pimplamola             Iron        Dabal         Sang-                       85 of 14-12-1959  6,300

     of Margao.       Chmeterichem                          uem

                                                advona Datrem


569.Tulxidas Madeva          Santona codil        Ditto       Sircodem  Ditto                          3 of 18-1-1960  14,000

     Deucar, of Calem.            Raim etc.                de Calem


570.S.Kantilal &                    Matas de Sida        Ditto      Salauli      Ditto                         5 of 29-1-2960  13,500

     Cia.Ltda., of   



571.Sesa Goa Ltda.,              Nagonem Borod  Ditto       Colem       Ditto                          6 of 29-1-1960   9,600

     of Goa.


572.Sesa Goa Ltda.,              Bag Moitem de     Ditto       Advolpa-  Bich-                         7 of 5-2-1960   14,300

     of Goa.                              Palvel                                     le, e            olim

                                                                                Assonora  Bardes


573.Loximona Crisna            Sem denomina-   Fe/            Codar        Ponda                        8 of 5-2-1960   14,100

     Saunto, of Ponda.           cao especial          Mang


574.Sociedade Timblo         Cormolcantem       Iron         Colem       Sang-                       10 of 22-2-1960  10,700

     Irmaos Ltda., of                                                               Sigao         uem



575.Rodolfo Gomes,             Labala ou                Fe/         Dabal e     Ponda                     12 of 22-2-1960  10,400

     of Margao.       Dabala                    Mang     Nicancal


576.Ananta Poi                     Sem denomina-     Iron         Sircodem  Sang-                       11 of 22-2-1960   7,300

     Polondicar                        cao especial                          de Calem   uem

     of Margao.


577.Romeo Lamart-              Piliem e                   Ditto       Darban-    Ditto                        13 of 22-2-1960  11,400

     inho, Gomes,                    Ocambo                                 dora

     of Margao.


578.Firm Damodar                 Hoddo Cod-         Ditto       Cormo      Ditto                        15 of 29-4-1960  14,300

     Mangalji Cia.    em, Bindisodo                       nem

     Ltda., of Goa.                                                                   Calem


579.V.S.Dempo &                 Gorbaim Gola-       Ditto       Navelim   Bich-                        17 of 29-4-1960  10,100

     Cia.Ltda.,          cho tembe                              e Surla     olim

     of Goa.                                              


580.S.Kantilal &                    Madetembo e        Ditto       Bati           Sang-                       20 of 17-6-1960  13,300

     Cia.Ltda., of      Tolietembo                                              uem



581.Esvonta Govinda          Cordaho Voll,        Fe/          Revora    Bard-                          22 of 17-6-1960   3,900

     X.Verencar of                   Tiptachi Gali          Mang                       ez



582.Raguvir P.Piss-              Bindichi Goll         Iron         Vagalem  Sata-                         23 of 17-6-1960  11,600

     urlekar of Mapusa.                                                                              ri


583.Shantilal Kushal-           Tancamo lavoi      Ditto       Quirla-    Sang-                          24 of 17-6-1960   4,200

     das, & Brothers               lo, soddo                                pale        uem

     Ltd., of Margao.


584.Raujo Raja Sinai            Cunneatulea          Fe/          Netorlim Ditto                           25 of 20-6-1960   9,500

     Quirtonim of Goa.            Xentatulo              Mang


585.Damodar Mangalji        Teramola e             Iron         Codli      Ditto                            26 of 22-8-1960  14,300

     & Cia.Ltda., of                 Bandora    

     of Goa.                              tembo


586.Shantilal Kush-              Goinchem              Fe/          Curpem  Ditto                               1 of 9-1-1961    4,700

     aldas, & Bros.  Molan Cassal        Mang

     Ltd., of Margao.              Gali



587.Xembu Govinda            Pelembata e           Iron         Orgao e  Ponda                            3 of 10-2-1961   6,400

     Sinai Cuvelcar                  outros                                    Tiurem

     of Goa.


588.Panduronga N.              Sircodem               Ditto       Sircod     Sang-                             4 of 24-8-1961   8,100

     Sanvordencar,                 Culna                                      em           uem

     of Sanvordem.


589.Gangadhar                      Borchem mordi     Fe/          Maina    Quep-                            6 of 24-8-1961  14,300

     Narsingdas                                                       Mang                     em

     Agrawal, of



590.Cosme Simeao               Satiasmoli e           Iron         Maina e  Ditto                             7 of 30-8-1961  13,900

     Moraes, Cunco-              Dongri                    Colombo Sang-

     lim.                                                                                       uem


591.Bhaskar Hari                   Madachem           Ditto       Pale         Bicho-                           8 of 30-8-1961   9,300

     Dalvi Pale.        bata                                                        lim








[See sections 4(2), 6, 7 and 9(1)]





Sl    Name of the   Denomination       Nature          Situation            Number and        Date of  No.Amount

       concession     of the mine                               -----------------     date of title             abolition                             (in Rs)

       holder and                                                      Village    Taluka                                   and de-

       his residence                                                                                                                  claration

                                                                                                                                                 of any




 1        2                        3                           4              5                6                 7                         8                              9



1.Georgina Filo-    Predico         Fe/Mang  Colem    Sanguem  2 of 11-7-1963   12-7-1963             11,200

   mena, de Figue-  Oiteiral                                   

   iredo, of              do Estado e                    

   Loutulim.      Outros


2.Vassudeva        Culnasoddo e Iron          Bali         Quepem   3 of 11-7-196    12-7-1963                       11,200

   Guiri                  outros



3.Firma Mineria  Vagmolo Pe-Fe/Mang    Curdi       Sangiem  4 of 11-7-1963    12-7-1963             8,200

   Nacinol Ltd.,       risodo                                     

   of Margao.   


4.Firma Mineria  Namosmodi Ditto           Ditto        Ditto               5 of 11-7-1963    12-7-1963                   9,500

   Nacinal Ltd.,                                              

   of Margao.


5.Companhia         Morga Foncul Ditto             Vichun-  Ditto       6 of 10-8- 1963   11-8-1963   11,600

Mine-  ria, Progresso   ou Chicolmolo            drem              

   limitada, of