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The Indian Government has been making efforts to abolish the system of orderlies also known as buddies, sahayaks and helpers in the Indian Armed Forces and the State Police Departments. They are trained uniformed people who are expected to help officers in maintenance and upkeep of uniform, answering telephone calls, attending to personal security and also run small errands. Over a period of time, low-ranking and combat soldiers and armed police constables have been made to work like orderlies and run errands for the officers and their families such as polishing of boots, ironing of clothes, cooking, washing of clothes, taking their children to school, shopping for their family members etc.

For a long period of time, the low-ranking soldiers and police constables have been demanding for abolish of this orderly system in the Indian Armed Forces and the State Police Departments. The Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy have already abolished this system and the Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has also lent his support to ending the sahayak or buddy system in peace zones because according to him, orderly system is important for the functioning of the Army during war and for deployment of forces in the field areas.

The Karnataka State Police Department, where over 3,000 constables and head constables work as orderlies for senior police officers, has also taken the bold move of abolishing this system through a formal Notification on 9th March 2017. It will introduce followers in place of orderlies. According to the said Notification, 50% of followers will be appointed for eligible officials and such officials will be extended home orderly allowance to engage followers of their choice on a part-time basis to assist them in disposal of official work at their residence. But in order to claim home orderly allowance, the officer will have to certify that he has utilized the allowance for the specified purpose and has not utilized the service of any police constable, government orderly, and peon at their residence as home orderly. This move will, probably, boost the morale of soldiers and constables to do their regular jobs.

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