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Guest Post: What Legal Situations Require Hiring a Lawyer?

Lawyers are a necessary part of the #judicialsystem since they can represent people and provide them the information they need for #defense or #prosecution. While some situations may not require a l#awyer like a traffic dispute, you may face a #legal situation where you’ll want one. Here are five examples of times you may want to get an #attorney if you will face a legal battle.


Many people will hire lawyers to help them when they face different types of injuries. For example, if you end up facing a car accident and need to cover the medical bills, you may go to court over the injuries. This can also apply to injuries you may receive at work or when you visit a store, but it depends on the situation.

If you get injured or are involved in an injury, you should hire a lawyer if possible. You may need to defend yourself or your business, so it’s important to consider the possibilities. Either way, injuries stand out as a common reason some people will go to court.

Workers’ Compensation

As you work at a job, you have a right to the money you earned while working there. This means you should receive minimum wage or the agreed-upon amount when you started working there while receiving compensation for each hour. If a business withholds wages from you, then you can file for workers’ compensation and receive money from the company.

Many lawyers specialize in worker’s compensation such as an L&I attorney to help you receive your workers’ compensation. Make sure you do some research for the labor laws in your country and city to understand what action you can take. That way, you can reclaim the money you deserve.


You can also seek a lawsuit if someone wrongs you in various ways. For example, some people will sue for defamation which involves suing someone for spreading lies about you that led to losses in money. You can also push lawsuits against people who threaten you or destroy your property.

However, people can form lawsuits for lots of reasons, so you could get sued as well. If this happens or you plan to pursue a lawsuit, you could work with a lawyer to get some help. Lawyers understand the local and federal laws, so they can help you build a case around the lawsuit to secure victory in the courtroom.

Criminal Charges

Sometimes, people go to court since they will break the law and require some help if they could face some jail time. Even if you don’t commit a crime, you could face criminal charges if you were framed, so you should get a lawyer when possible. That way, the lawyer can help you build a case to prove your innocence.

This matters since an attorney can represent you in court, so you should seek assistance if you could go to jail or face a fine. Criminal charges can also quickly become recurring issues in your life, so you should hire a lawyer to help you defend against them.


Sometimes marriages don’t work out, so the couple will seek a divorce. When this happens, the couple needs to split their money and property based on the situation, so make sure you work with a lawyer. By doing so, you can make sure you split everything evenly while avoiding any problems for both sides.

Since divorces can get messy, you should work with a lawyer to protect yourself in these cases. On top of that, you may have children with each other, so you will have to fight for your right to custody. Make sure you talk with your lawyer and figure out how you should tackle any divorce cases.


While no one wants to face a legal battle, you need to prepare yourself if you face such a situation. This means you should understand the various scenarios where a lawyer could benefit you, so you can do your best to win any legal disputes. Make sure you find a lawyer in your area to help you out if you could benefit from a lawyer or face a situation that requires you to have one.


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