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Is the #Corona #fear bigger than the monster? Isn’t it rather strange that the #mortalityrate for the #Coronavirus in India is showing at 29 as on 30-03-2020, in the last few weeks of the #Pandemic and has caused immense fear. It seems people are not aware of the daily #death rates in India, which if taken as per the UN Population Count is approximately 7 daily deaths in every 1000 in India[1].

What is cause for concern is that the fear in the minds of people seems to have been artificially created for the benefit of a few. While the Globe is going into a sure recession, China has already found means to amass wealth because of this fear.

We are given to understand from several sources, especially, from the Press that Coronavirus has completed its full circle in China and people are now back to normal lives. Factories are in production. Even schools have resumed.

Several Chinese companies are now mass producing #pharmaceuticalequipments and goods (i.e. #personalprotectiveequipments, #eye gears, thermometers, #ventilators, #gloves, N95 masks, face #masks and gowns) that can be used across the Globe in the fight against Corona. [2]. Currently the demand is much higher than the supply.

It will not be surprising if very soon we hear about a vaccine that fights the Coronavirus. This would obviously lead to a global scramble for the said #vaccine, thereby filling the coffers of a few.

The important questions that arise are, are we really facing a global Pandemic or is it hyped (considering the normal death rates). Secondly, and most importantly, are we heading for the worst recession that the world has known.

Shouldn’t we all put on our thinking caps and worry about the latter, which will cause a huge drain on our resources and economy? 

Sushila Ram Varma

Chief Legal Consultant

The Indian Lawyer



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