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A perfect example of how the US tech-giant, Apple Inc. deceives its customers by selling defective products and then refusing to repair / replace / refund the same despite a warranty that makes the Company liable to repair / replace / refund.

In 2021 during the Pandemic, when world had shifted from real to virtual, I felt it was necessary to purchase a good computer to handle the shift. After checking the products available, I zeroed in on a “21.5 Inch iMac with Retina 4K display: 3.6GHz quad core 8th Generation Intel Core i3 processor, 256GB” on the assumption that an Apple product would give the best results.

However, on the very second day of purchase, I realised that the iMac’s “FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in)”, was not functioning. Strangely, the images were very dark. Obviously, I could not use the Camera feature on the iMac and pointed this out to the Apple Support Team. The Team showed great reluctance in solving the problem and ultimately after 3-4 months claimed that there was no defect and everything was working fine. This was in the teeth of the evidence, where I showed them the difference in the quality and contrast between my MacBook and the iMac. Yet there was a reluctance to accept the fault or to cover the goods within the warranty period.

Left with no option, I had to sue Apple. Even in the Court, despite the Judges giving them ample opportunity to rectify / replace the defective camera, they did nothing but stuck to their guns. Ultimately, the Court passed an Order directing them to refund the full amount and pay costs and compensation.

The Judgment can be reviewed on the link given below:

[SRV vs Apple Judgment 28-02-2023]

Sushila Ram Varma

Chief Consultant

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