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TIL Legal Speak Episode 4: Curbing Frivolous Criminal Litigations

In recent times, we have noticed a sudden rise in the filing of defamation complaints against public figures. Most of these defamation cases don’t meet the stringent requirements under the law and yet they are being filed with alarming frequency and impunity, thereby, causing unnecessary harassment to public figures.

Thus, the Indian Lawyer & Allied Services in collaboration with Adv. Prabhakar Sripada, Telangana High Court, brings before you the Episode 4 of TIL Legal Speak, which is about ‘Curbing Frivolous Criminal Litigations’ with focus on defamatory complaints.

To view the Video, please visit the link below:

Video Credits:

Speaker- Adv. Sushila Ram Varma, and Adv. Prabhakar Sripada

Moderator- Adv. Sushila Ram Varma

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